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Dark Lisa

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Bongo logo 2012.png The contents of this article are based on an issue of Simpsons Comics or another comic series and is considered to be non-canon and may not have actually happened/existed.
Dark Lisa
Dark Lisa.png
Comic information
Released: September 1999
Comic series: Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror
Pages: 15
Written by: Jill Thompson

Dark Lisa is a story featured in Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror 5. It was also featured in the book Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror Spine-Tingling Spooktacular.


Lisa is given chilli in the school cafeteria after she demands a vegetarian meal, however it is tainted with a mutated three eyed fish. The other kids at school bully her repeatedly for her vegeterianism. Bart decides to replace Lisa's shower water at school with chilli after the kids extend their bullying to him as well. After further teasing from the other kids and being mistaken for Bart by Principal Skinner, Lisa notices that she can channel her thoughts into telekinesis when she is angry. She is later dressed up by Ned Flanders for a school dance and finds out that Nelson had been planning dumping a bucket of chilli on her head once she arrived. Lisa finally takes advantage of her newfound telekinetic powers and uses them to prank everyone at school but accidentally kills them all instead. She is kidnapped by Mr. Burns who reveals her powers came from the tainted chilli she ate and he uses her to power his turbines.

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