Bart Simpson Comics 62 - Wage Slave

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Bart Simpson 62
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Bart Simpson Comics 62 - Wage Slave
Comic Information
Release date: August 24, 2011
Comic series: Bart Simpson Comics
Stories: Bart's Got Wheels
Maggie's Crib
The Nukes of Hazard
Publisher: Bongo
Country: USA

Bart Simpson Comics 62 was released in USA in August 2011.


Bart's Got Wheels[edit]

Main article: Bart's Got Wheels

Grampa and Bart bond over a junky jalopy that they find at the police auction.

Maggie's Crib[edit]

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The Nukes of Hazard[edit]

Main article: The Nukes of Hazard

Using his influence with government officials, Mr. Burns repeals the child labour laws in Springfield and finds he has a whole new workforce to exploit.