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No Good Read Goes Unpunished

Season 29 Episode
632 "Fears of a Clown"
"No Good Read Goes Unpunished"
"King Leer" 634
No Good Read Goes Unpunished
No Good Read Goes Unpunished promo 1.png
Episode Information
Episode Number: 633
Production Code: XABF07
Original Airdate: April 8, 2018
Couch Gag: Skinner does a connect-the-dots of the Simpson family, but Homer ends up having three eyes and d'ohs.
Blackboard Text: April Showers Did Not Date the President
Billboard: Housecleaning by Snake. Let us case your joint
Title Screen: The Three-eyed crow gets lasered by a drone with a banner that reads "Peace on Earth"
Special Guest Voices: Jimmy O. Yang as Sun Tzu
Daniel Radcliffe as Himself
Show Runner(s): Al Jean
Written By: Jeff Westbrook
Directed By: Mark Kirkland

"No Good Read Goes Unpunished" was the 15th episode of season 29. It aired on April 8, 2018.



"In an attempt to bring the family together, Marge forces everyone to hand in their electronics and take a trip to a book store."


A Itchy & Scratchy Marathon #everyslaughterever is airing on FXX. Homer, Lisa and Bart are enjoying it, watching the Leave It To Cleaver episode, when Marge says they had enough and switches off the television, wanting to spend family time together without watching TV.

She forces everyone to hand in their electronics and take a trip to the Springfield Library, but due to it's closing early, they go to Bookaccino's. Due to it not selling books, they go to The Old Springfield Book Nook, where Bart finds an interesting book to him, The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

At school, he manages to stop Nelson's bullyism by following Sun's advice. Marge tries to share her favourite book, The Princess in the Garden, with Lisa, but remembers it different than what it is. In a dream she meets the author who convinces her to rewrite it for Lisa.

Bart continues to use Tzu's advices on Homer to convince him to take him to TunnelCraft-Con, where they even meet Himself, while Lisa takes Marge to Springfield University to meet authors exchanging opinions on the book.

Milhouse spills the beans on what Bart was doing, and take Tzu's advice too, bringing Ned home and acting like him, to get back on what Bart did. At the end they reconcile, just before the Aztec Theater catches on fire.


International airdatesEdit

Country Date Channel Note
Hispanic America.gif Latin America July 15, 2018 Fox Latin America


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