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Wikisimpsons:Style Guide Characters

Wikisimpsons - The Simpsons Wiki
Style Guide: Characters
Style Guide Characters logo.png

The following is a style guide on how to create a high quality character page, and is part of our Manual of Style.


This style guide aims to help you write articles on all one-time, mentioned and recurring characters from The Simpsons, provided they fall within our notability policy.

Structure of an article[edit]


Naming should follow our naming policy. This states that full names should be used wherever possible. If not, the following conventions should be used:

Articles with brackets should use {{title}} to remove the bracketed content from the page title, unless it is "(character)", in which case the {{chnav}} should be used. For guest stars this is used as {{chnav||name}}. For other crew, the first should detail the person's job, most likely crew member. If the first parameter is changes, then |ngs=yes should be added.

Articles with conjectural titles should have {{Conjecture}} at the top of the article.

Character infobox[edit]

|name= Name
|image= Image
|gender= {{Male}} or {{Female}}
|hair= Hair color
|age= Must be sourced
|status = Alive/Deceased/Fictional/Non-canon/Possibly deceased/Unknown
|job= Job
|relatives= '''Parents''': Link
|appearance= "[[Episode]]"/''[[Other]]''
|voiced by= Voice actor

At the start of each character article should be the character infobox with a picture of the character, their gender, hair, age, status, job, relatives, the episode/media they first appeared in, and their voice actor(s) (see right). Status will remain on Unknown unless you add an alternative.

Note that the infobox only can take one gender. If two are needed, use {{Char2}} instead, which has a "gender2" field.

Maintenance templates[edit]

If the page lacks certain things, then respective templates should be added to the top of the article, or if it pertains to only one section, then at the top of that. The most commonly used are {{No voice}}, {{In-universe}}, {{Incomplete}}, {{Cleanup}}, {{Image needed}} and {{Engrish}}.

The article itself[edit]

The article should be written in-universe view, without mentioning episode names in the text. Episodes should be referenced with the <ref>"[[Episode Name]]"</ref> (quotation marks), while comics and other media should be referenced with <ref>''[[Comic Name]]''</ref> (Italics). Any articles with references should have

== References ==

at the bottom of the article. Episode names are only allowed in the infobox, trivia, appearances, and references. If you come across an article about a character that is not written in-universe view, then you can help by fixing it, or by adding {{In-universe}}.

Note that one-time characters do not need references.


Non-canon information should follow the above conventions, but be split from canon information. For most characters, this will be through a non-canon section, which should feature {{noncanon}} or {{noncanoncomic}} at the start. If, however, the whole article pertains this information, then this template should place at the start of the article.


For a very minor character a list is used, though for a recurring character, the following scroll box is used. Every appearance should be mentioned.

*{{ul|Good Night}}
*{{ep|Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire}}
*{{THOH|Treehouse of Horror}}
*{{ep|Holidays of Future Passed}}
*{{bon|The Amazing Colossal Homer}}
*{{game|The Simpsons: Hit & Run}}
*{{bk|The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album}}
*{{ad|Hard Times}}
*{{spec|FOX's 25th Anniversary Special}}

will produce

Navigational templates[edit]

Every character page should end with {{Simpsons characters}}. In addition, various other templates are available to be used for different character groups, and any relevant ones should be added to a character's page. For a list, see Wikisimpsons:Navboxes


Every character should be in Category:Characters, which is automatically added by the infobox. Gender is also automatically added, as are many other categories, which are added with the relevant navbox, for example Category:Simpson family is added when {{Simpsons family}} is on the page.

Besides the automatic categories, the following should be considered:

There are also other minor categories you may consider. Every relevant category can be found within Category:Characters.


  • If the article is lacking information, then add {{Character stub}} to the end of the article.
  • Every character's talk page should have {{Talkheader}} followed by {{Article Style Guide Characters}}.