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User:Phinbart/List of commercials

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Image First Aired Title Length Description
October 1, 1988 "No Teasing" 30 seconds Bart teases Lisa about having the last Butterfinger in the house.
The Butterfinger Group.png
October 30, 1988 The Butterfinger Group 30 seconds Milhouse and Bart argue about the existence of The Butterfinger Group.
January 1, 1991 The Bully 30 seconds Nelson Muntz tries to steal Bart's Butterfinger, but fails to do so.
February 21, 1991 The Bully (with Butterfinger on a Stick) 30 seconds Nelson Muntz tries to steal Bart's Butterfinger, but fails to do so
April 5, 1991 The Shrink 30 seconds Bart is in therapy with Dr. Marvin Monroe, who is showing Bart a few inkblot cards. Bart responds he only sees Butterfinger. Dr. Monroe tells Bart to give up his candy, that they can start by giving it to him. Monroe tries to take the candy bar by force, but Bart manages to escape from the office on his skateboard.
April 6, 1991 The Shock 15 seconds Homer tries to steal Bart's Butterfinger, not knowing it's wired to an electrical current.
April 7, 1991 Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars 15 seconds Bart has gotten to Apu's shipment of Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars before everyone else. Apu then throws him out for it.
The Pacifier (Butterfinger commercial).png
April 3, 1992 The Pacifier 15 seconds Homer wants Bart to give him his Butterfinger, but instead he gets Maggie's pacifier.
Maggie's Party.png
September 25, 1992 Maggie's Party 15 seconds It's Maggie's birthday party, and Bart has eaten of Butterfinger Ice-Cream Nuggets.
The Last Butterfinger.png
November 2, 1992 The Last Butterfinger 30 seconds Bart and Homer race to get the last Butterfinger in the supermarket. Homer almost had it, but tripped on a cart, giving Bart enough time to catch it.
Bart's Karate Lesson.png
November 4, 1992 Bart's Karate Lesson (with I'll Be Your Best Friend) 30 seconds Akira Kurosawa tries to take Bart's Butterfinger, but Bart stops him by using his karate skills.
Good vs. Evil.png
November 12, 1992 Good vs. Evil 15 seconds Bart's conscience decides whether he should share or eat his Butterfinger BB's.
Bart's Homework.png
November 25, 1992 Bart's Homework 15 seconds Lisa tries to help Bart with his math homework.
Bart's Karate Lesson.png
December 2, 1992 Bart's Karate Lesson 30 seconds Akira Kurosawa tries to take Bart's Butterfinger, but Bart stops him by using his karate skills.
Homer With Crabs.png
January 29, 1993 The Beach 15 seconds Bart takes Homer's Butterfinger while he's buried under sand.
Barts Locker.png
April 1, 1993 Bart's Locker 30 seconds Seymour Skinner and Edna Krabappel tries to get Bart's Butterfingers, but Bart locks them at his locker.
I've Been Robbed.png
October 30, 1993 Stolen Butterfinger Part 1 30 seconds Someone steals Bart's Butterfingers.

Note: The suspects were Otto, Lisa, Krusty, Nelson, Mr. Burns, and Homer.

Crime of the Century.png

Nancy Fredholm.png
October 30, 1993 Stolen Butterfinger Part 2 30 seconds The thief is revealed to be Krusty the Clown.
December 31, 1993 The Dog Biscuit 30 seconds Bart tricks Homer about eating a dog biscuit during a power outage.
May 2, 1994 The Raid 30 seconds Bart has a nightmare in which the rest of the cast steals his Butterfinger BB's.
October 1, 1996 Marge's Party 15 seconds Marge is having a party while Bart eats his Butterfinger.
October 3, 1996 Aliens 30 seconds Bart has been abducted by Kang and Kodos who are confused about his Butterfinger. Bart then takes them to his leader, Homer, who gets abducted while Bart is set free.
November 12, 1996 The Simpsons Baseball 15 seconds Bart hits a "Homer" in baseball when Homer tries to steal his Butterfinger.
December 31, 1997 Philosophy n/a Homer tells Bart to share his Butterfinger BBs with him.
December 30, 1998 Carnival n/a Homer wants to trade Bart's Butterfinger for a stuffed poodle.
January 1, 1999 Smell Your Breath 15 seconds Bart won't let Homer have any of his Butterfingers.
November 30, 1999 A to Z 30 seconds Bart and Lisa tease Homer with Butterfinger BB's while he's trying to read to Maggie.
December 30, 1999 400 Easy Pieces 15 seconds Bart watches an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon entitled "400 Easy Pieces" featuring a Butterfinger bar.
December 31, 1999 Plastic Pants 15 seconds Grampa is woken by the crunching sound of a Butterfinger eaten by Lisa. This is the only Butterfinger commercial Bart doesn't appear in.
February 5, 2001 Bart's Nightmare 15 seconds Bart has a nightmare that the Kwik-E-Mart is out of Butterfingers.
2001 Butterfingeritis Bart discovers that he has a disease called Butterfingeritis.
December 31, 2001 (premiere)
January 1, 2002
Homer Holer 15 seconds Homer digs a Butterfinger BB.
January 1, 2007 No Teasing (remake of 1988) 30 seconds Bart gets in trouble for taking his Butterfinger.
February 19, 2007 Itchy & Scratchy: Butterfinger Test n/a Itchy does a butterfinger test.
December 31, 2007 (USA) Doughnut Trail n/a n/a
Butterfinger Ice-Cream Nuggets 6 seconds Milhouse wants to have a Butterfinger ice-cream nugget, and promises to Bart that he'll be his best friend if he gives him one. Then Bart remarks that he already is.
Holiday Resort.PNG
Maggie Eats the Ice-Cream Bar Bart pulls out a Butterfinger Ice-Cream Bar on holiday at a holiday resort, but Maggie eats the middle of it before Bart can.

Burger King[edit]



Image Title Description Link to YouTube video
Ramada Inn The Simpsons drive to stay at Ramada Inn, but Bart and Lisa pester them saying "Are we there, yet?" Are we there, yet?!" Includes offers for Simpsons merchandise give-aways with stays at hotels in 1994. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBFWMwKmIy0&feature=related
Renault Car Advert During a rainy day, The Simpsons visit a car centre and play in a new car. In French http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4mHydZtKv0&NR=1
Toyota Car Advert Homer is washing his Toyota. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zqtIL_HmGk&feature=related
Dominos Pizza Homer and Santa's Little Helper end up chasing a pizza delivery truck after dinner doesn't go well.
Toyota Car Advert Grampa gets angry with Homer for buying an expensive Toyota, but changes his mind.

A Baseball Moment From the Simpsons Bumpers[edit]

These bumpers aired in 1996.

Image Title Description Appearances
Baseball Short 1.jpg What Election? Homer tells Lisa if you don't watch the World Series you're not American. Lisa explains it's like not voting in the next election. Homer then says "What Election?", and Lisa looks blankly at him. Homer, Lisa
A Baseball Moment From The Simpsons.PNG My Hero Homer tells Marge about his baseball hero, and Marge asks Homer if he was supposed to be at work. He explains he called in sick, while Marge grumbles. Marge, Homer, Santa's Little Helper
A Baseball Moment From The Simpsons.PNG They Will Come While drinking lemonade in the garden, Homer overhears a whispering voice saying "If You Build It, They Will Come". Homer builds something, and looks up to the sky and asks "Where Are They?!" "They Went Next Door" says the voice, and Homer looks over the fence to see a baseball stadium. "D'oh!" Homer, Baseball players, Whispering voice
Baseball Short 4.jpg I Bet You $200 Bart asks Homer when Kurt Gibson hit his home run, and he flashbacks to the time when he and Barney were drunk on the sofa. Homer betted Barney $200 it would be a strike. After the home run, Homer utters "D'oh!" Bart, Homer, Barney (flashback)
A Baseball Moment From The Simpsons.PNG I Want To Be a Baseball Player Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge, baseball fans
Baseball Short 6.PNG Don't Think It's a Good Idea Homer, Carl, Barney, Moe, Marge, Lenny, SWAT officers, Chief Wiggum