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Website Information
First appearance: "Holidays of Future Passed" is a website which features underage girls flashing their breasts ("unripe melons") online. It isn't known whether the site has still pictures, webcam feeds, or both.


When Lisa visited Zia's room in the Ultranet, Zia asked why she was there. Lisa replied that she was worried, and Zia interrupted her and sarcastically asked if she had expected to find her flashing her boobs on

Behind the Laughter[edit]

  • On October 26, 2010, Fox registered the domain, but never created a website.
  • The nature of the site's content is strongly implied by the conversation between Lisa and Zia and by "melon" being a slang term for "breast".
  • Worth noting: In real life, a website such as this would be illegal in many jurisdictions. However, in the future setting in which the episode takes place, it is possible that the law has changed so that is no longer the case.