Simpsons Illustrated #17

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Simpsons Illustrated #17
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Comic Information
Release date: June 2015
Comic series: Simpsons Illustrated
Stories: The Simpson Family Circus
Ralph Learns a Lesson
Bartless on a Tuesday
Publisher: Bongo Comics Group

Simpsons Illustrated #17 is the seventeenth issue of Simpsons Illustrated. It was released on June 3, 2015.


"What’s “in”? What’s “out”? What’s “hot”? What’s “not”? Ask the Simpsons! For some inexplicable reason, the members of our favorite family become the tastemakers and the trendsetters for world. What will they wear? What will they watch? Where will they go? Who do they know? And when will it all blow up in their faces? Then, find out what happens to Martin and Milhouse when Bart is nowhere to be found! Finally, after a run-in with the school bullies, Ralph is forced to learn the value of a dollar."

The Simpson Family Circus[edit]

Ralph Learns a Lesson[edit]

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Bartless on a Tuesday[edit]

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