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Maggie's Crib

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Maggie's Crib is a series of short comic stories written and drawn by Sergio Aragonés. They are a former regular feature of Bart Simpson.

The first stories were published in Bart Simpson #50. After that, they appeared in nearly every issue of the series through #75. The last two stories appeared in the Maggie #1 comic from the Simpsons Comics One-Shot Wonders series.

The stories are quite short, only one or two pages long. The stories are also wordless, but are drawn in the narration-by-illustration style typical of Aragonés' "A Mad Look at...." cartoons in Mad magazine.

The stories' plotlines center around Maggie Simpson. A typical theme is Maggie taking action in a behind-the-scenes fashion with other characters being surprised, mystified, or victimized by the results.


Picture # Issue Synopsis
Maggie's Crib 1.png #1 Bart Simpson #50 Marge decides it's Maggie's bedtime, but Maggie wants to stay up late and watch TV. With only Homer standing between Maggie and what she wants, she figures out a way to get it.
Maggie's Crib 2.png #2 Bart Simpson #50 When Maggie's nighttime cries for a glass of milk go unanswered, she takes the initiative to make sure she gets one.
Maggie's Crib 3.png #3 Bart Simpson #51 Bart tries to blame Maggie for his dinnertime misdeeds, but Maggie makes sure that the truth comes out.
Maggie's Crib 4.png #4 Bart Simpson #51 Maggie has a nightmare where Bart destroys The Happy Little Elves' village.
Maggie's Crib 5.png #5 Bart Simpson #52 When Homer refuses to stop at the State Fair, Maggie goes to extreme measures to make him pull over.
Maggie's Crib 6.png #6 Bart Simpson #53 Maggie and Gerald have a fight at a grocery store.
Maggie's Crib 7.png #7 Bart Simpson #53 When Marge leaves the room, the truth about Maggie's television viewing preferences is revealed.
Maggie's Crib 8.png #8 Bart Simpson #54 In Maggie's imagination, the park sandbox becomes an archaeological dig in Egypt.
Maggie's Crib 9.png #9 Bart Simpson #56 When Snake burglarizes the Simpson home, it's up to Maggie to scare him off.
Maggie's Crib 10.png #10 Bart Simpson #57 The Simpson family visit the carnival at a fair, and Maggie tests her marksmanship against Homer's.
Maggie's Crib 11.png #11 Bart Simpson #58 Maggie is scared awake by a thunderstorm.
Maggie's Crib 12.png #12 Bart Simpson #58 When Homer and Lisa are stumped by a Rubik's Cube, Maggie takes over.
Maggie's Crib 13.png #13 Bart Simpson #59 Maggie finds Homer's dinner more appetizing than her own.
Maggie's Crib 14.jpg #14 Bart Simpson #61 For once, Maggie's imagination lets her down.
Maggie's Crib 15.png #15 Bart Simpson #62 Homer finds a way to drink at Moe's and take Maggie to the playground at the same time.
Maggie's Crib 16.png #16 Bart Simpson #63 At the beach, Maggie dodges a family photograph—for what turns out to be good reason.
Maggie's Crib 17.png #17 Bart Simpson #65 When Marge meets up with Gerald's mother, Maggie and Gerald have a confrontation.
Maggie's Crib 18.png #18 Bart Simpson #66 Maggie's imagination turns a sandbox in the park into a jungle filled with dinosaurs.
Maggie's Crib 19.png #19 Bart Simpson #67 When Marge and Maggie go shopping, it's a case of "like mother, like daughter".
Maggie's Crib 20 Maggie.png #20 Bart Simpson #68 Maggie goes missing during a bath.
Maggie's Crib 21.jpg #21 Bart Simpson #69 When Homer's car won't start, Maggie goes into action.
Maggie's Crib 22.jpg #22 Bart Simpson #70 The Simpson family go to the circus and find a mystery on their hands when they get home.
Maggie's Crib 23.jpg #23 Bart Simpson #71 Maggie and Homer clash over who gets to use the kiddie pool.
Maggie's Crib 24.jpg #24 Bart Simpson #72 During a family trip to the zoo, Maggie's attempt at interspecies communication wins her a new friend.
Maggie's Crib 25.jpg #25 Bart Simpson #73 Marge sends Homer out to buy a box of diapers.
Maggie's Crib 26.jpg #26 Bart Simpson #74 Maggie dials back her artistic skills to fit in with the other babies at the day care center.
Maggie's Crib 27.jpg #27 Bart Simpson #75 While practicing her sax, Lisa finds an error in some sheet music from school. When she can't figure it out, Maggie solves the problem with some quick pencilwork.
Maggie's Crib 28.jpg #28 Simpsons Comics One-Shot Wonders One-Shot WonderMaggie #1 Bart is bewildered by the assembly instructions for his new radio-controlled airplane, but Maggie gets the job done.
Maggie's Crib 29.jpg #29 Simpsons Comics One-Shot Wonders One-Shot WonderMaggie #1 Maggie and Bart clash over what to watch on TV, and Maggie gets her way by pulling a prank and framing Bart.

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