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Object Information
Object: Judge machine
Owner: Krusty the Clown
First Appearance: "A Star Is Torn"

The Applause-O-Meter is a machine that measures applause levels from the audience.


During the Krusty's Li'l Starmaker competition, the Applause-O-Meter served as a judge since Krusty didn't want to bother paying attention to the acts. The Applause-O-Meter's needle would move from sarcastic to thunderous if the applause was big enough. The Applause-O-Meter showed a sarcastic rating after Ralph's audition. However, when Clarissa Wellington auditioned, the Applause-O-Meter shot up to thunderous. After Lisa's audition, the needle for the Applause-O-Meter shot off into Krusty's eye.

During the televised final for the show, the Applause-O-Meter started leaking battery acid, during Lisa's final song, which Krusty mistook for it also crying until it burned away his glove.