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The Town That Time Forgot/Quotes

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Homer: And thats how I got to work today!
Carl: I don't know Homer. That story's kinda hard to believe.
Lenny: Yeah, since when do you turn down bacon?
Carl: And you're still late. That's every day this week!
Homer: It's daylight saving time! I forgot to change the alarm clock again!
Lenny: Yeah, daylight saving steams my clam, too!
Carl: You're just lucky. Mr. Smithers didn't cath you sneaking in late again.
Homer: Aw, I'm no scared of him or old man Burns!

Lisa: [HEE HEE]
Marge: What's so funny, Lisa? Are you reading Dilbert?
Lisa: It's not that, mom. They printed the new anti-daylight saving time law. The way it's written, technivally, anyone could set their clock to any time they want! But as long as no one else figures that out, things sould be find. Can you pass the syrup, Bart? Bart? Bart?
Bart: Sorry, I didn't hear that last part, Lisa. I was busy posting what you just said about the clocks on my blog!

Big Solar: Mayor Quimby!
Joe Quimby: Er... ah... what's that blinding light?
Big Solar: I represent big solar, a conglomerate of business that have close ties to the sun.
Joe Quimby: Like...?
Big Solar: Dried fruit manufactures, suntan oil, makers... um... those guys on the street who sell foil boxes you watch eclipses through. We don't like daylight saving time being messed with!
Joe Quimby: I'm... er... ah... sorry! I can't repeal any more laws this year! I'm only allowed to cancel five! I went on a bit of a bender last month and had to use all my take backs.

Lisa: People need a schedule! Look, we're feeding the hamster anyime someone feels like it! We can't even get him out of his cage anymore!
Bart: Aw! He reminds me of Homer!
Edna: What are you kids doing here? It's recess. Which, if it's like the last couple of dayts, will last for hours!
Lisa: Miss Hoover didn't show up in my class today, so I thought I might audit this one until she came back! Don't you teachers care about classes? Learning? Young minds thirsty for knowledge?
Edna: Ha! Here's two bucks! If your'e thirsty, got the Kwik-E-Mart and get a Squishee! Pick me up a coffee while you're there!

Joe Quimby: Er... ah... and that's why I can't change the law!
Lisa: And the reason you're dressed like that is...?
Joe Quimby: I made a law that on alternate Tuesdays a mayor and his assistant have to trade clothes!
Miss Springfield: You were really tanked when you makde that one up, Joe!
Apu: It is no use! The town is doomed.
Joe Quimby: Rats! I... er... promised myself after seattle that I'd never doom another city!
Lisa: Wait! You can't change the law back because you used up all your take backs?!
Joe Quimby: Yes, littel girl! That's some fine recapping, but what's your point?
Lisa: Why not wind your clock back before you made the law?