The Hollywood Studio Symphony

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The Hollywood Studio Symphony is the name of the symphony orchestra that performed the instrumental music of The Simpsons Movie. Known for work on many blockbuster films, unlike a conventional symphony orchestra The Hollywood Studio Symphony has no set roster, contracting individual session musicians for each project.

List of songs[edit]

Song Writer(s) Note
"The Simpsons Theme" (Orchestral Version) Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer
"Trapped Like Carrots" Hans Zimmer
"Doomsday Is Family Time"
"Release the Hounds"
"Clap for Alaska"
"What's an Epiphany?"
"Thank You Boob Lady"
"You Doomed Us All... Again"
"...Lead, Not to Read"
"Why Does Everything I Whip Leave Me?"
Bart's Doodle"
"Worlds Fattest Fertilizer Salesman"
"His Big Fat Butt Could Shield Us All"
"Recklessly Impulsive" Remixed by Ryeland Allison

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