Simpsons Illustrated #19

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Simpsons Illustrated #19
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Comic Information
Release date: Sepotember 2015
Comic series: Simpsons Illustrated
Stories: The Simpsons Comics Internationale!
Bartmanga! featuring Robartman!
Cooking with Kang and Kodos
Publisher: Bongo Comics Group

Simpsons Illustrated #19 is the ninehteenth issue of Simpsons Illustrated. It was released on September 2015.


"It’s an international affair! Simpsons Comics are published all over the world in a dozen different languages. This month Bongo takes you on a tour around the world and through the pages of Simpsons Comics as you might find them in Belgium, Japan, and Mexico. Then, Bartman discovers a Japanese comic book at the Android's Dungeon depicting some of his greatest exploits in manga form. Also, Kodos borrows Serak the Preparer's cookbook and cooks up one hell of a mess."


The Simpsons Comics Internationale![edit]

Bartmanga! featuring Robartman![edit]

Cooking with Kang and Kodos[edit]