Simpsons Comics #218

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Simpsons Comics #218
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Comic Information
Release date: February 2015
Comic series: Simpsons Comics
Stories: Spaced Out!
Publisher: Bongo Comics Group

Simpsons Comics #218 is the two hundred and eighteen issue of Simpsons Comics and was released on February 18, 2015.


"Comic Book Guy falls asleep during a Sci-Fi DVD marathon and dreams up three thrilling astronomical adventures. First, Bart is recruited by a battle school, where he and a ragtag crew of cadets are trained to fight an alien war. Then, Lisa finds herself set adrift in space when the satellite she is tethered too is destroyed by Krusty-themed space junk. Finally, no one is safe when Homer and yet another ragtag band of misfits become Protectors of the Planets."


Spaced Out![edit]

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