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Radioactive Woman: The Movie

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Radioactive Woman: The Movie
Radioactive Woman The Movie.png
Comic Story information
Released: November 2017
Comic series: Simpsons Comics
Pages: 23
Written by: Ian Boothby

Radioactive Woman: The Movie is a Simpsons Comics story first printed in Simpsons Comics #241.


"In the spirit of infamous and ill-advised movie reboots, Radioactive Man: The Movie is being remade in Springfield, this time with an all-female cast under the direction of Krusty the Clown. And with both Bart and Comic Book Guy vociferously offering their opinions on the matter, it's hard to say who or what offends the hoi polloi and Hollywood the most"


Bart lines up to audition for a new reboot, confident that this time he is going to be cast as Fallout Boy. However, Sherri informs Bart that it's an all-female reboot, featuring Radioactive Woman and Fallout Girl, much to Bart's shock; he confusedly asks "Milhouse" if this is true, only Bart is actually talking to Milhouse's cousin Jillhouse (who has a crush on Bart). Krusty then explains that he bought the rights to Radioactive Man, and (having burned bridges with actual studios) will be writing and directing the movie himself. He then notices Sherri and Terri, and asks if the two are twins. Terri explains that she and Sherri are twins and tries to introduce herself and her sister; but Krusty immediately hires them, believing he gets "two actors for the price of one." Krusty, looking for a pair of twins to play Radioactive Woman, hires Patty and Selma, who were there to pick up Bart, on the spot; Selma happily takes the offer, to Patty's confusion.

While the rest of the auditionees storm out indignantly, Bart begs Krusty for a part in the movie; Krusty hires Bart as an assistant, with Bart's first job being to deal with protesters. A few minutes after, Krusty asks Bart if he knows anything about Radioactive Man, as Krusty knows nothing about the comic. Bart claims to know "just about everything" about Radioactive Man, to which Krusty responds by hiring him as the movie's secret director. Bart is forced to deal with various mishaps in directing the movie (Rainier Wolfcastle, doing a "mandatory cameo" as a security guard, going in a rage and beating up the production geeks (Doug, Benjamin, and Gary); Patty and Selma suffering nicotine withdrawal due to not being allowed to smoke; a giant mutated crab, which Mr. Burns says was the result of nuclear waste from the power plant, making its way on set; Bart having to do a kiss scene with Sherri and Terri).

Eventually, Lisa brings Bart his homework from his missed school days, much to the exasperation of Bart, who lets slip that he'd already been having a bad day. When Lisa worriedly questions him about this, Bart complains that Krusty is making him do all the work. Bart then proclaims that it will be worth it when the movie comes out, because he worked out a deal where he gets twenty percent of the profits. Lisa asks if this means Bart isn't getting any money upfront, to which Bart says he is not. Bart reveals that Krusty had convinced him that this would be a better deal, and then Lisa notices most of the cameras are not plugged in. Bart decides to question Krusty about whether the movie is real. Krusty explains that the film was never actually going to be released, but he was going to sell the rights back for a big profit, meaning Bart isn't going to get his money from the movie. Bart tries to quit, but Krusty stops him; Bart is under contact, and Krusty will sue him and turn his house into a Krusty Burger storage facility if he doesn't finish the script and ghost direct the rest of the movie. Bart decides to get his revenge by staging a scene in which Krusty (supposedly playing Doctor Clownius) gets beaten up by his goons (really the protesters).

Bart uploads the scene, edited with the rest of the footage, to the internet. The movie becomes an internet sensation, but Lisa notes that Bart still won't make any money off the film (although Bart is just happy he missed time at school). Bart does lament that the film will never be in a real theater, but Lisa says that there's been enough comic book movies for a while, which angers the moviegoers.


Comic issue Release date Country
Simpsons Comics #9 April 19, 2018 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png

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