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Grampa Simpson's Great Sandwich Caper!

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Bongo logo 2012.png The contents of this article are based on an issue of Simpsons Comics or another comic series and is considered to be non-canon and may not have actually happened/existed.
Grampa Simpson's Great Sandwich Caper!
Grampa Simpson's Great Sandwich Caper.png
Comic Story information
Released: December 2015
Comic series: Simpsons Comics One-Shot Wonders
Pages: 22
Written by: Max Davison

Grampa Simpson's Great Sandwich Caper! is a Simpsons Comics One-Shot Wonders story that appears in Grampa Simpson's Adventure #1.


Taco.png "How d'you say "taco" in Mexican?"

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Page 1[edit]

Grampa are in a spaceship and wonder how he got here. Do you want to know how grampa ended up on the way to Mars, read page 17. Otherwise, read page 2.

Page 2[edit]

Earlier in the Springfield Retirement Castle is Bart and Lisa and visiting Grampa. He is telling a story of a sandwich he ate in 1956. He telling the kids that he changed his sandwich for his shoelaces. Which he borrow from a hobo. Lisa asking Grampa if he has any other story. He decides to tell about his first job. He does not remember what the job was and asking Bart and Lisa if they know what it was. If there was a bartender read page 18. Was that bus driver read page 9.

Page 3[edit]

Bart is telling that Grampa was fought with a tyrannosaurus rex on the moon with help of Bartman Radioactive Man and futuristic cowboys. Grampa telling him at the story is too crazy for him. Lisa wants to hear something educational, if you want hear it, read page 14. Bart wants to hear more about te Fighting Days, which will is pages 16.

Page 4[edit]

Grampa tried to drive the bus over the bridge and managed to drive to the other side. But the Maximum Security Prison was on the other side and they all ended up in jail. He is then going to tell a story about how he escaped with the help of a poster of Rita Hayworth but Bart and Lisa do not want to hear it. The End.

Page 5[edit]

Grampa is jumping overboard and landed in a yellow wood on a frosty day. He had two routes to choose from, a left and a right. For the left, read page 13. For the right read page 8.

Page 6[edit]

Grampa is friend with the Cannonball Adderley. One night, he asked him to stand for entertainment and playing at the trumpet. He had never played the instrument before but gave it a shot. Grampa is thinking if he became then the coolest guy in the room or he crashed and burned. the story is continued on page 11 for he was never cool.

Page 7[edit]

Grampa is ordering a turkey sandwich and it was good, and he telling Bart and Lisa at the story is over and falling asleep. Bart and Lisa are happy that the story is over. The End.

Page 8[edit]

Grampa was taking the road to the right, where he met his future self which begged him not to follow the path for the leads to the apocalypse. He managed to stop him because he built a time machine with the help of a magic moon rock. If he still continues the path read page 3. If he turning around and going the other way read page 13.

Page 9[edit]

Bart telling Grampa that he was a bus driver and the Mafia had kidnapped the bus, and forcing him to drove away from the police. Grampa telling the kids that he had two choices when he drove the bus, ride throw a plate glass window factory which is on page 12 or drive over a broken bridge, which is on page 4.

Page 10[edit]

Grampa destroyed the lock with a ray gun and inside it's a talking moon rock. The stone telling Grampa at he will satisfy desires and he will get his most desire fulfilled. If it was a turkey sandwich read page 7. Is it the grandchildren respectful read page 22.

Page 11[edit]

Grampa played terrible music and was thrown out. After he was kicked out to the street, where he saw a sandwich store. He had two sandwich to choose from and he does not remember which so he let Lisa decide. If she decide a a turkey read page 7. Is that a ham read page 19.

Page 12[edit]

They drove through the window factory and survived. Police stopping hunt them and the maffian asking him to stop the bus and they flee into the forest to selling some moon rocks. He had two choice, find a new job which is on page 18 or walk to the forest on page 13.

Page 13[edit]

Grandfather is walking in the forest where he found a house of a gypsy. He meets the gypsy who telling him that he will have much choice in his live. He does not believe in it and accidentally crashing the crystal ball. The gypsy curse him, he will run in circles for his whole life that will only ends when he decides what he wants to have the most in the world. Grampa running away. To end the curse read page 16. Otherwise read page 13 again.

Page 14[edit]

Grampa is losing a wrestling match as Gorgeous Godfrey. Deondre the Giant telling him then that there are more important things to fight for than a sandwich like the family. He realized then have ham sandwich is not worth fighting over but a turkey sandwich definitely is it. The End.

Page 15[edit]

Grampa and his crew were attacked by a baseball team but they won the fight. The other pirates is soon tired on his history and dropped him off by the next port. If he's still going to continue battling read page 20, if he chose to walk into the forest read page 13.

Page 16[edit]

Grampa telling the kids at in 1997 he take charge of his live and chase the dream and he started an organic Styrofoam company. Lisa gets an outbreak by Grampa's stories for they are fake. He telling them at he just wants make them think he is cool. If Grampa has earn the kids respect read page 22. Otherwise, read page 2.

Page 17[edit]

Kang and Kodos asking Grampa if he wants to be in a space war and because he had nothing to do, he accept the offer. He landed on Mars, where he struck down the Communists. He managed to find a treasure chest in a cave on the planet. He using his ray gun to open the lock. Is the lock become open read page 10. Otherwise, read page 21.

Page 18[edit]

Lisa telling Grampa that he was working as a bartender. He telling them at he owned a popular bar. His favorite customer was Cannonball Adderley which impressing Lisa. Bart asking if he was not on a pirate ship, Grampa do not remember. If he was on the ship read page 15. Otherwise, read page 6.

Page 19[edit]

Grampa has decided which sandwich he should have but the last one was recently purchased by Deondre the Giant. He decided to go up a wrestling round at him to get his sandwich. To be continued on page page 14.

Page 20[edit]

Grampa had joined the army. Bart asking if he fought against the zombies which he did. Bart asking if it was also vampires and zombie robot vampires, which it was. If you want to read more about the fight read page 3. Otherwise, read page 13.

Page 21[edit]

He did not manage to open the treasure chest and taking help of the space pirates who wanted to help him. When they were about to open the chest, they were attacked by a baseball team. Should grandfather flee read page 5. Will he continue with the fight read page 15.

Page 22[edit]

Grampa telling the kids that what he wanted was respectful of his grandchildren which he received or not received he can't remember. Grampa is telling the story for Kang and Kodos who can not stand listen to him anymore and sending him on a mission to Mars, where he is going to take back the moon rocks the communist stole from them. Grandfather is unsure what to do, if you want to read about mars adventure read page 1. Otherwise it's The End.

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