Cherish That Family Smile

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"Cherish That Family Smile" is the theme song of the TV show Thicker than Waters.


Cherish that family smile,
Picket-fence days don't last forever,
The future is coming up,
Mom and Dad and kids are precious.

When Homer sings the song during the closing credits, he forgets several words and starts crying, saying that it's now his favorite song. Homer then apologizes to "Don't Fear the Reaper".

Behind the Laughter[edit]

The lyrics were written by Joel H. Cohen and the music by Alf Clausen.

"Cherish That Family Smile" is an obvious parody of "As Long as We've Got Each Other", the theme song of the sitcom Growing Pains: Thicker than Waters is itself a parody of Growing Pains, and the first line of "As Long as We've Got Each Other" is "Show me that smile again".

During the episode "Homer the Father", "Cherish That Family Smile" is sung three times: Twice during the episode and once by Homer Simpson over the episode's closing credits. Instrumental phrases from the song are also heard several times during the episode.