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McBain: Let's Get Silly

McBain: Let's Get Silly
McBain Let's Get Silly.png
Movie Information
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Rainier Wolfcastle
Country of Origin: USA
First Appearance: "A Star Is Burns"

McBain: Let's Get Silly is a film in the McBain series of films, starring Rainier Wolfcastle as McBain.


The entire movie is Wolfcastle (as McBain) standing against a brick wall for an hour and a half. McBain tells terrible jokes to a studio audience, who voice their displeasure. He responds by blasting them with a machine-gun before doing what he claims is a Woody Allen impression. This earns McBain another negative comment and he answers by tossing a grenade into the back of the room, causing more deaths.


Jay Sherman reviewed McBain: Let's Get Silly on his show, Coming Attractions, and had Wolfcastle as his guest. Sherman rolled a clip from the movie, and Wolfacstle said that the movie cost eighty million dollars to make. Sherman, disgusted, sarcastically asked Wolfcastle how he slept at night. Wolfcastle, missing the sarcasm, forthrightly replied, "On top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies", disgusting Sherman even further.