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Peter Frampton performing at Hullabalooza

Hullabalooza is a music festival.


To improve his image with Bart and Lisa, Homer bought tickets to Hullabalooza in Capitol City after learning about it from Suicide Notes. They then went to the festival rather than going to school one day. During the festival, Cypress Hill and The Smashing Pumpkins performed. Homer bought a Rastafarian hat from a stall at the festival, which annoyed all of the other attendees who carried Homer to the back of the crowd. After this happened, Homer sadly kicked a cannon which shot an inflatable pig into his stomach. Upon seeing this, the Hullabalooza manager asked Homer if he would go on tour with the show, getting shot by cannons, which Homer accepts.

Homer befriends the Smashing Pumpkins during the tour and becomes a huge hit. Eventually, Homer's stomach started acting strange, due to being shot by cannonballs repeatedly. The manager sent him to the Animal Hospital where the vet told him he couldn't get hit by another cannonball or he would die. When the show goes to Springfield, in the Springfield Fairgrounds, the London Symphony Orchestra shows up, which Cypress Creek claims to be part of their performance. On stage, Peter Frampton performs, as Sonic Youth steal from his cooler. Homer decides to put on his cannon performance anyway, despite what the vet said. As the cannonball approaches him, he jumps out of the way, causing it to go past him, which the crowd boos at. Homer is then asked by the manager to hand in a letter of resignation.

Impervo the Painless also performed here.