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Editing is something that every user can do, whether you have an account or not. It is very simple to do and anyone can do it.

The edit windowEdit

Edit Window.png

That is the edit window. You type your edit in the box. The links at the top of the window are all helpful. They can add wikicode into the window.

Main barEdit

From left to right: bold text, italic text, image link, signature button (for talk page posts only), links, references, Advanced characters, special characters, help.


From left to right: headers, bulleted lists, numbered lists, indentation, non-formatted text (<no ecSp></nowiki>), new line, big text, small text, superseded text, subsided text, image links, redirects, table.

Special charactersEdit

A selection of special characters

Special characters is a menu of characters the keyboard can't normally type. There are a wide range of characters from different languages to choose from.


The help menu

The help menu gives you a list of wikicode, how to implement it and what it does. It can be useful for beginners.

Under the edit windowEdit


Directly under the edit window is the summary box. This allows you to input an edit summary.

Tick boxesEdit

There are two tick boxes. One is to mark your edit as a minor edit. This will give it a m in recent changes. The other tick box adds the page to your watchlist.


There are three buttons. One saves the page. The one next to that gives you a preview of the page. This is useful as it can show your changes before you save it, making sure you like the way the page looks. The third button shows your changes, comparing it to the previous edits.


Next to the buttons are two links. The "cancel" link will just simply take you back to the page while the "editing help" link will take you to this page.

Edit toolsEdit

The edit tools is a large box of links. Clicking on these will add it to the article. It contains many, some very useful, others not so useful but they are there if you need them.

The edit toolsEdit

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