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Talk:The Simpsons Movie/Appearances

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Rules for additions[edit]

  1. You must be 100% sure when suggesting an addition.
  2. Characters with different hair and skin colors do not get added. They are just reused character models.
  3. Characters only appearing in crowd scenes and don't speak will be under a separate cameo section in the appearances article. You must list the crowd scene they appear in (i.e. angry mob, dome crowd etc.) and the rough time of the scene.
  4. Staff (rollbacks and above) will have their additions instantly approved. Normal users will have to have at least one other user back them up, preferably a staff member, but another normal user may be sufficient.

Suggested additions[edit]


Speaking roles[edit]

1. Stampy
2.Santa's little helper
3.Kissing Cops


Note: Characters added to the character from movie to church science will not be included

1. Jesse Grass(Green Day concert)
2.Meathook(Green Day concert)
3.Ramrod(Green Day concert)
4.RV guy(Green Day concert)
6.George Wilson(Green Day,Dome crowd,etc.)
8.Becky(otto's girl) (Bart's skate,mob,riot,etc.)
9.Astrid Weller (green day,church,Bart's skate,etc.)
10.Shoshanna(Lisa's door to door)
11.L.T. Smash (Lisa's meeting,mob)
12.Buck McCoy(Lisa's meeting)
13.Goose Gladwell(Lisa's meeting)
14.Johnny Tightlips(Lisa's meeting)
15.Lurleen(Lisa's meeting,Dome crowd,mob,etc.)
16.Ballet Teacher(Lisa's meeting)
17.Cowboy Bob(Lisa's meeting,dome crowd)
18.Ashley Grant(Lisa's meeting)
19.Persuasive guy(Lisa's meeting)
20.Los Souvenir Jacquitos(Lisa's meeting)
21.Cora(Lisa's meeting,dome crowd,mob,etc.)
22.Lucius Sweet(Lisa's meeting,Truck full of soldiers crowd,dome crowd)
23.Lance Murdock(Lisa's meeting,Hiding after the riot)
24.Mr. Muntz(Lisa's meeting,mob,cheering when the bomb is thrown)
25.Duffman(Lisa's meeting,cleaning lakes,dome crowd,etc.)
26.Garth Motherloving(Lisa's meeting,backyard)
27.Dr. Brentano(Lisa's meeting,dome crowd,mob,etc.)
28.Dr. Steve (Park)
29.Ray Patterson (Park,mob)
30.Professor Lombardo(park)
31.Wallace Brady(Krusty Burger,mob)
32.Gloria(Dome crowd)
33.Complaining Customer(Dome crowd)
34.Jamshed(Dome crowd)
35.Pahusacheta(Dome crowd)
36.Annette(Dome crowd)
37.Boy with shades(Truck full of soldiers)
38.Jaffee(Truck of soldiers)
39.Girl with pigtails(Truck full of soldiers)
40.Adrian (Truck full of soldiers,Archery team)
41.Princess Kashmir(Dome crowd,Mob)
42.Girl with a headband (dome crowd)
43.Marvin Monroe(Dome crowd)
44.Rainier Wolfcastle(Dome Crowd)
45.Dexter Colt(Dome crowd,mob)
46.Ling Bouvier(Dome crowd)
47.Ray Maingini(Mob,riot)
48.Lifeways Editor(mob)
49.Unnamed Financial planner(mob)
50.Martha Wilson(mob)
51.Rex Banner(mob)
53.Coach Krupt(encouraging people carrying car)
54.Brunella Pommelhorst(Carrying car)
55.Leopold(running from sinkhole)
56.Harlan Dondelinger(running from sinkhole)
58.MacArthur Parker(Riot)
59.Nahasapeemapetilon octuplets(cheering)
60.Database(mob,dome crowd,etc.)
61.Señor Ding Dong(Lisa's meeting,mob)
62.Garth Motherloving(backyard)

Characters seen from the start of film to Church scene[edit]

Black and White numbers indicate the character first appearance. If the numbers are pink, this characters has appeared in a previous image.

Characters with dialog

1.	Homer Simpson
2.	Marge Simpson
3.	Bart Simpson
4.	Lisa Simpson
5.	Maggie Simpson
6.	Scratchy
7.	Itchy
12.	Joe Quimby
14.	Timothy Lovejoy, Jr.
15.	Helen Lovejoy
16.	Seymour Skinner
17.	Edna Krabappel
22.	Comic Book Guy
24.	Jimbo Jones
25.	Clancy Wiggum
27.	Otto Mann
29.	Barney Gumble
30.	Moe Syzlak
31.	Carl Carlson
32.	Lenny Leonard
33.	Dr. Julius Hibbert
34.	Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)
35.	Frank Edwin Wright III (Green Day)
36.	Michael Pritchard (Green Day)
38.	Groundskeeper Willie
48.	Krusty the Clown
49.	Jonathan Frink, Jr.
54.	Sea Captain
55.	Kent Brockman
57.	Dr. Nick Riviera
58.	Apu
61.	Sideshow Mel
63.	Bumblebee Man
68.	Squeaky Voice Teen
74.	Cletus Spuckler
79.	Martin Prince, Jr.
84.	Mrs. Muntz
85.	Nelson Muntz
97.	Milhouse Van Houten
118.	Lou
121.	Agnes Skinner
126.	Todd Flanders
127.	Rod Flanders
128.	Ned Flanders
129.	Waylon Smithers, Jr.
130.	Charles Montgomery Burns
138.	Cookie Kwan
155.	Ralph Wiggum
169.	Abraham Simpson

Non-speaking / cameo characters. (First appearance in…)


8.	Hillary Clinton
9.	Manjula 
10.	Sanjay
11.	Martha Quimby
13.	Elizabeth Hoover
18.	Martin Prince, Sr.
19.	Martha Prince
20.	The Rich Texan
21.	Disco Stub
23.	Kearney Zzyzwicz, Sr.
26.	Janey Powell
28.	Kirk Van Houten

Green Day Concert

37.	Dolph Starbeam
39.	Herman Hermann
40.	Mr. Taylor
41.	Gary
42.	Benjamin
43.	Doug
44.	John
45.	Evelyn Peters
46.	?
47.	Mr. Muntz
50.	Don Brodka
51.	Astrid Weller
52.	Brandine Spuckler
53.	Larry
56.	Erin
59.	Dewey Largo
60.	?
62.	Roger Meyers, Jr.
64.	Luigi
65.	Bill
66.	Marty
67.	“Just stamp the ticket” Man
69.	Dr. Zweig
70.	Scott Christian
71.	Old Jewish Man
72.	Luann Van Houten
73.	Ruth Powers
75.	Sam

Church (Green Day's funeral)

76.	Ray Patterson
77.	Don Brodka (Repeated 50)
78.	Evelyn Peters (Repeated 45)
80.	Alice Glick
81.	Stacy Lovell
82.	Tab Spangler
83.	Stark Richdale
86.	Brunella Pommelhorst
87.	Very Tall Man
88.	Lugash
89.	The Yes Guy
90.	Señora Bumblebee Man
91.	?
92.	Mrs. Samson
93.	Gerald Samson
94.	Mr. Samson
95.	Allison Taylor
96.	Pyro
98.	?
99.	Wendell Borton
100.	Richard
101.	Arnie Pye
102.	?
103.	Akira
104.	Charlie
105.	Üter Zörker
106.	Grady ??
107.	Julio
108.	Hibbert’s Second Son
109.	Hibbert’s Daughter
110.	Bernice Hibbert
111.	Wally Kogen
112.	Constance Harm
113.	Howard K. Duff VII
114.	Freddy Quimby
115.	Quimby’s Bodyguards
116.	John (Repeated 44)
117.	Audrey McConnell
119.	Eddie
120.	Gary Chalmers
122.	Mr. Rhenquist
123.	Mrs. Rhenquist
124.	Francine Rhenquist
125.	Ms. Albright
131.	Blue-haired Lawyer
132.	Birch Barlow
133.	Khlav Kalash vendor
134.	Sideshow Raheem
135.	Hans Moleman
136.	Squeaky Voice Teen (Repeated 68)
137.	Jack Marley
139.	Gil Gunderson
140.	Brad Goodman?
141.	Mindy Simmons
142.	?
143.	?
144.	Rafael
145.	Philippa
146.	Dr. Bretano

147.	Brittany Brockman
148.	Stephanie Brockman?
149.	Sherri
150.	Terri
151.	Sherri and Terri’s Father
152.	Sherri and Terri’s Mother
153.	?
154.	?
156.	Sarah Wiggum
157.	Judge Snyder
158.	?
159.	Zelda
160.	?
161.	Leopold ??
162.	Miss Springfield ??
163.	?
164.	Dr. Velimirovic
165.	Brother Faith
166.	Drederick Tatum
167.	?
168.	?
170.	?
171.	?
172.	Lewis
173.	Hollis Hurlbut
174.	?
175.	Molloy
176.	Jasper Beardly
177.	Jessica Lovejoy
178.	Becky(student)
179.	Female researcher
180.	Pharm team male researcher
181.	Helen Feesh

Characters that appear on the Simpsons from the start to the Church scene. There are some characters that I'm unsure and/or don't know, feel free to add in their names. Sorry for the bad quality of some images as some characters are hard to see. Alexmirpas (talk) 09:34, December 23, 2014 (EST)

Are you sure all the characters you listed are like they are normally (i.e. no color errors, hair, skin, clothes etc.)? Also, could you clarify which ones cameo and which ones make speaking appearances? The Solar Dragon 11:05, December 23, 2014 (EST)
Also, before we add these, we need to differentiate between those that only cameo and those that make speaking appearances and bigger appearances too. The Solar Dragon 16:52, December 24, 2014 (EST)
Separated the speaking characters to the cameos. And many of the characters their color, hair, clothes are exact, without errors, although a few characters in the church change their dress and suit up and I'm uncertain wether these characters are the ones I'd said to be (I've marked this ones with questions marks, so someone could verify them). Alexmirpas (talk) 12:21, December 25, 2014 (EST)

Okay, I've added all characters from the above list. If there's any I missed, please bring them up below. The Solar Dragon 14:10, January 4, 2015 (EST)





Characters with different color skin,hair,etc.[edit]

These character should not be added to the appearances

1.Daphne Beaumont

2.Mr. Thai

3.Lois Pennycandy

4.Jamie Killday

How long does it take to decide for an addition[edit]

How come nobody has been adding characters to the appearances it's been 3 days —Preceding unsigned comment added by Homer24 (talkcontribs) 09:57, December 25, 2014

Dude... check the date. It's Christmas. People are busy and with families. The Solar Dragon 11:49, December 25, 2014 (EST)
its now been 8 days —Preceding unsigned comment added by Homer24 (talkcontribs) 16:14, December 27, 2014
Okay, look. It's still the Christmas period. I, for one, have been spending a lot of time with family. And, the time I haven't been spending with family is either spent relaxing or drunk. I am unable to do major edits like this. If someone else comes along and wants to do it, that's fine. But it has to be a staff member here. The Solar Dragon 18:11, December 27, 2014 (EST)
Hey The Solar Dragon thanks by the way, since basically you haven't added all the characters(Janey,Database,Richard,Wendell,Arnie Pye,Gerald,Ling,Julio,etc.)can you like make a way for those who made the audition put them in a seperate group. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Homer24 (talkcontribs)

When Homer points out that the mob is going the wrong way and they turn around, there is a scientist right next to Sam (barfly). It is not the Male Pharmacist from "Brother's Little Helper". It is a scientist from a different episode. Could somebody put him in the list, along with what episode he's from?

Characters forgotten to mentioned[edit]

Dave Shutton(Dome crowd,mob,etc.)

Buck toothed kid guy(Dome crowd)

Defonzo Palmer (Green Day,Done crowd,mob,etc.)

Marcus Le Marquez(Backyard)

Larry Kidkill(mob)

Karl (Green Day)

Male pharmacist team guy(Green Day,mob)

Jessica Lovejoy(Church)

Troy McClure(mob)

Cooder(Carnival) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Homer24 (talkcontribs) 11:35, January 11, 2015


One small request for Titania to be added to the cameos list, she appears in town hall near Very Tall man and Dr. Velimirovic. Bleedinggumsmurphy1 (talk) 12:02, November 8, 2015 (EST)

Defonzo Palmer and Dave Shutton[edit]

Add them they appeared at the green day conecert and the mob.

Boxcar Bob and Howard K duff vii[edit]

He also appears at the mob. But howard k duff appears in the church