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Eerie Beery

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Bongo logo 2012.png The contents of this article are based on an issue of Simpsons Comics or another comic series and is considered to be non-canon and may not have actually happened/existed.
Eerie Beery
Eerie Beery.png
Comic Story information
Released: September 2012
Comic series: Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror
Pages: 14
Written by: Shane of the Dead Houghton

Eerie Beery is a Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror story first printed in The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror #18.


Homer takes his family on a secret vacation. After they arrive the rest of the family cursed after Homer found the recipe for Duff Beer.


Homer had received an offer to take the family to a free vacation. Homer chose not to tell the family where they go before they arrived, it appears that their vacation was at the cabin where Henry K. Duff first invented Duff Beer.

Marge and Bart do not like Homer's vacation plan, but Lisa points out that it is not as bad as vaction to the Scavenger Hunt on Three Mile Island.

Homer finds in the cabinet an audio recording from Henry K. Duff, where Henry says that in his search of beer, he discovered something truly frightening, when the Beer recipe is actually reading aloud the ancient evil, which awakens spirts that has possessed his wife and children. Henry warned the listener to not read the recipe for Duff Beer aloud before he starts to scream, and the recording was ending.

Homer then find the recipe book and was reading it aloud. Meanwhile the recipe awoke a green glob from the ground outside the cabin. Marge asks Homer to start the car so they can go home, but he now refuses. Homer then visit the house's wood-shed for drinking a Duff... While he is still there, possessed Bart runs him through with a chainsaw, Homer now runs into the cabin where Marge and Maggie also tries to attack him. Lisa hears Homer screaming and runs into the house where she fires a shot from Henry's spare rifle and they all run away.

Lisa tell Homer that they have become possessed from the evil spirits, which he woke up when he read the beer recipe. Lisa now locks Homer in the house and asks him to stay there while she get help, but as soon as Lisa leaves- the house starts to make the tree branches grab her. Meanwhile, it soon seems the others in Homer's family have become normal again and want to play cards with Homer in front of the cottage fire...

But as soon as Homer approaches them, they became crazy again and they try to attack Homer. In desperation Homer throws the recipe book in the fire because he hoped that the curse would go away, but it doesn't! Homer runs out of the house where Lisa catches him. Homer sees a chainsaw that Bart had before, and was planning to attack his whole family with it.

Homer accidentally cut down a tree, whose roots loosen from the soil and a large hole opened in the ground- where the family is sucked down into... They landed in a lab where the most prominent and good-looking members of Springfield were, they tell the family that their cult got tired of legal entertainment and most illicit forms, so they needed someone else for new entertainment. Mr. Burns tells them that they tricked the family to come to the cottage, but the recipe in fact raises no evil spirits- it's creating a hunger for human flesh.

Rich Texan explaining that they took the family to the cottage to see them kill each other, for their amusement's sake. Mr. Burns tell them that the effect wears off after a while and his family are getting back to their old self again...

Homer tells them that he likes movies, but this was no movie, it was real life, the cult have tricked his whole family into the woods with the false promise of beer, but instead Homer got a ruined family vacation. Homer grabs chainsaw and says that no one destroys holiday except him and he angrily begins to attack the members of the evil cult with the bloody chainsaw. Possessed Bart concludes the story of the holiday was not so bad after all.


Comic issue Release date Country
Simpsons Comics #216 September 26, 2013 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Simpsons Comics Explosion #2 October 28, 2015 Flag of the United States.png

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