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Bart & Co. #12
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Comic Information
Release date: October 9, 2014
Comic series: Bart & Co.
Stories: Cloud 13, The call of Vegulu, Blurst again!, Mo' bodies Moe problems, The gods must be lazy, C.H.U.M, Boo-tleg, Three little kids, Bad Milhouse and The Slimpsons
Publisher: Bongo Comics Group
Titan Magazines
Country: UK

Bart & Co. #12 is the twelfth of the Bart & Co. series and the first 'Treehouse Of Horror' issue. It contained stories from The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror 15 and, more stories from an earlier Treehouse Of Horror comic. It was released in October 2014, and contained a massive 67 pages!


Cloud 13[edit]

The Simpsons enter the house for their traditional couch gag... only this time they aren't alone!

The Call of Vegulu[edit]

The main story from Trehouse Of Horror 15, where Bart Lisa and Milhouse go to explore the Burns Mansion!

Blurst Agin![edit]

Watch Bart explode!

Mo' Bodies Moe Problems[edit]

After Edna rejects him, Moe and Nelson team up to build a monster!

The Gods Must Be Lazy![edit]

Greek Homer and Bart go exploring, but all is not well when Zeus goes playing with them!


Chief Wiggum and Ralph find a new friend... a radioactive monster!


Apu and Sanjay start selling products from a new company, meanwhile Lisa decides to go Vegan.

Three Little Kids[edit]

A spookier Springfield parody of 'The three little pigs'

Bad Milhouse[edit]

Milhouse moves into the walls of his house after killing his dad, Sherri and Terri-but it's not that, that he's illegally done...

The Slipsons[edit]

Groundskeeper Willie helps clean the Simpson home.


  • Double-sided Halloween poster: Some spooky posters from Treehouse Of Horror 15, and another early comic, to spook up your walls
  • Spooky Bart mask: A seriously spooky mask of Bart to wear on Halloween!
  • Free Skeleton hand: Perfect for pranking, super for spooking!
  • The Bongo beat: A list of 49 things that Matt Groening was scared of as a child.
  • Contributions of the damned A few contributions from some fierce friends.
  • Super Simpsons puzzle A puzzle starring some of Springfield's best super-heroes.