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Wikisimpsons:Editor meetings/November 5th

Wikisimpsons - The Simpsons Wiki
[20:06] <+Doh5678> Close enough: Meeting to order
[20:06] <Will-k> AleWi: To confirm, you're not American, or British, or Australian, or the like are you?
[20:07] <Will-k> Today's meeting is brought to you by: Mister Honeybunny
[20:07] <AleWi> No, Will-K
[20:07] <Will-k> For soft, lovable goodness!
[20:07] <Will-k> AleWi: Rightio
[20:07] <Nick97> Until you rp it's head off.
[20:07] <Nick97> ^rip
[20:07] <+Doh5678> and sponsered by supidflanders.org
[20:07] <Will-k> Nick97: Head's already off ;)
[20:08] <Will-k> Ok, first topic on the agenda
[20:08] <Nick97> Poor mister honeybunny...
[20:08] <Phinbart> Wikisimpsons main page redesign: Ideas
[20:08] <Will-k> A redesign for the main page!
[20:08] <Will-k> Anyone, ideas?
[20:08] <Phinbart> Ha! Beat ya!
[20:09] <Phinbart> I win!
[20:09] <+Doh5678> Anyone got any ideas?
[20:09] <Will-k> Solar_Dragon: Kick him, Callum, kick him
[20:09] <@Solar_Dragon> Back
[20:09]  * AleWi kick Will-K again in his big butt
[20:09] -Will-k:#wikisimpsons- The
[20:09]  * Solar_Dragon kicks Will-k up the arse
[20:10]  * Will-k slaps AleWi around with a extremely large trout
[20:10] <Will-k> Guys.
[20:10] <Will-k> Main page.
[20:10] <Will-k> Redesign.
[20:10] <Will-k> Ideas?
[20:10] <+Doh5678> anyone?
[20:10] <AleWi> Nope
[20:10] <Will-k> If no one's got any ideas, we'll just move on
[20:10] <Will-k> 10
[20:10] <Will-k> 9
[20:10] <Will-k> 8
[20:10] <Will-k> 7
[20:10] <Will-k> 6
[20:10] <AleWi> Stop
[20:10] <Will-k> 5
[20:10] <Will-k> 2
[20:10] <Will-k> 1
[20:10] <Will-k> New skin!
[20:10] <Nick97> You missed 3
[20:11] <Nick97> and 4
[20:11] <AleWi> and 4
[20:11] <Will-k> Ok, so we've talked about this before
[20:11] <AleWi> If no one's got any ideas, we'll just move  on
[20:11] <AleWi> 10
[20:11] <Will-k> AleWi: Because you're a spoilsport
[20:11] <AleWi> 9
[20:11] <AleWi> 8
[20:11] <AleWi> 7
[20:11] <AleWi> 6
[20:11] <AleWi> 5
[20:11] <AleWi> 4
[20:11] <AleWi> 3
[20:11] <AleWi> 2
[20:11] <AleWi> 1
[20:11] <AleWi> 0
[20:11] <Will-k> AleWi: Do not spam
[20:11] <+Doh5678> Solar_Dragon: When the hell are we getting that new skin?
[20:11] <Will-k> Hmm
[20:11] <@Solar_Dragon> Dunno, ask Jake
[20:11] <AleWi> I'm kidding
[20:11] <Will-k> Good point, Doh.
[20:11] <Will-k> Ok, so Solar, that's your job
[20:12] <@Solar_Dragon> cba :P
[20:12] <Will-k> Leave a message on Jake's page
[20:12] <@Solar_Dragon> I'm going on holiday tomorrow :P
[20:12] <Will-k> As a last request, cummon!
[20:12] <Will-k> Next topic on the agenda: Sounds: Good or bad?
[20:12] <AleWi> bad
[20:12] <@Solar_Dragon> BAD
[20:12] <+Doh5678> why?
[20:12] <Will-k> Now, I'm not even sure what the hell this is.
[20:13] <Nick97> ^ditto
[20:13] <@Solar_Dragon> They're too complicated to set up :P
[20:14] <+Doh5678> Needs to be less complicated
[20:14] <Will-k> Solar_Dragon: What do you mean by "sounds"?
[20:14] <AleWi> If you want to hear sounds you cand find it on other pages
[20:14] <@Solar_Dragon> Like the buttons you hit and it plays music on wikis etc.
[20:15] <Phinbart> No sounds!
[20:15] <Will-k> Like sound files? As in to add to the "D'oh!" page and such?
[20:15] <Will-k> Oh
[20:15] <Will-k> Ok
[20:15] <Will-k> Err...that's kinda pointless
[20:15] <@Solar_Dragon> e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_of_China#Composition
[20:15] <Will-k> Ok
[20:15] <@Solar_Dragon> Yes, sound files
[20:15] <Will-k> Well, I think majority say bad
[20:15] <Will-k> Excluding Cal XD
[20:15] <Will-k> So let's move on
[20:15] <Will-k> Next: New competition
[20:15] <Will-k> What do y'all think of it?
[20:16] <+Doh5678> Why's no-one signed up?
[20:16] <Nick97> Not interested in the prizes :P
[20:16] <Will-k> Dunno
[20:16] <@Solar_Dragon> XD
[20:16] <Will-k> Nick97: Surely you are, I mean, didn't you enter the last one?
[20:16] <AleWi> Not interesting competition
[20:16] <Phinbart> Might be a delay and/or limit to the comics I can give away. As I said I have cash-flow problems. And the comics I'm sending for are BRAND NEW, not used.
[20:16] <Will-k> No, I have certain complications as to why I can't enter the competition.
[20:16] <Nick97> Yes, but that's cause I wanted the playing cards. :P
[20:17] <Will-k> So..... no one really cares about it?
[20:17] <Will-k> Geez
[20:17] <Will-k> This is a quick meeting
[20:17] <AleWi> The first prize have I already
[20:17] <Nick97> I have Bart's guide to life, and I just buy the comics in trade paperbacks.
[20:17] <Will-k> Next: Help with the newsletter
[20:18] <+Doh5678> Please help
[20:18] <Phinbart> Sorry I haven't been helping.
[20:18] <Will-k> Now as you all know, Matthew Ferguson (Phinbart) works hard on the newsletters
[20:18] <Phinbart> I've been getting alot of homework from school lately.
[20:18] <Will-k> And I'm sure he'd love your help
[20:19] <+Doh5678> -_-
[20:19] <Will-k> And I just gotta say, I love that "Fun stuff!" area
[20:19] <Will-k> Doh5678: It's you?!
[20:19] <+Doh5678> yes
[20:19] <Will-k> Doh5678: Why's it under his userspace?
[20:19] <Will-k> I apologize, Doh5678.
[20:19] <+Doh5678> I CBA moving it
[20:19] <Will-k> XD
[20:20] <Will-k> Ideally, we should move it to Wikisimpsons; NAMESPACE
[20:20] <Will-k> *:
[20:20] <Will-k> So, is anyone willing to help Doh?
[20:20] <+Doh5678> So people please help, just give 10 minutes of your day to help me
[20:20] -Will-k:#wikisimpsons- PING.
[20:21] <Will-k> We're not moving on till someone helps you
[20:21] <+Doh5678> Phinbart, Nick97, AleWi, Solar_Dragon
[20:22] <Will-k> Doh5678: Guess I might be able to help
[20:22] <Will-k> What does it involve?
[20:22] <+Doh5678> Writing
[20:23] <@Solar_Dragon> it involves raping Matthew :P
[20:23] <Phinbart> Next topic?
[20:23] <Will-k> Yeah, but I mean, what specificially?
[20:23] <Will-k> Phinbart: No
[20:23] <Will-k> Let us finish this
[20:23] <Will-k> Doh5678: I'll try and see what I can do in due course :)
[20:23] <+Doh5678> Look at the main page where the smartline picture is
[20:23] <Will-k> Next topic: Wikisimpsons blog
[20:24] <Will-k> Doh5678: Yes, I know it's there
[20:24] <Will-k> So, who likes the idea of a blog?
[20:24] <@Solar_Dragon> We have a blog
[20:24] <+Doh5678> It needs to be updated more
[20:25] <Will-k> If I understand correctly, with its own subdomain and such
[20:25] <Will-k> Solar_Dragon: Hey, just going off the list
[20:25] <Will-k> Mm
[20:25] <Will-k> Can someone link me to it?
[20:26] <+Doh5678> http://wikisimpsons.wordpress.com/
[20:26] <Will-k> Mm
[20:26] <+Doh5678> I could run it
[20:26] <AleWi> What should the blog contain?
[20:26] <Will-k> But why dont we move it to a subdomain?
[20:26] <+Doh5678> I don't think we can
[20:27] <Will-k> Yes, it's possible
[20:27] <Will-k> Easily possible
[20:27] <+Doh5678> Is it?
[20:27] <Will-k> Well, we'll talk to Jake later :)
[20:27] <+Doh5678> Eample?
[20:27] <+Doh5678> *Examples?
[20:27] <Will-k> Also, is someone actually logging this?
[20:27] <Phinbart> Yes. Doh is.
[20:28] <Will-k> Doh5678: Its just like moving it to a domain, but a subdomain.
[20:28] <Will-k> Phinbart: *phew* good
[20:28] <Will-k> So, we'll add that to the things to ask Jake
[20:29] <Will-k> *ding ding* Next topic on the agenda: Wik-E-Mart, the merchandise wiki
[20:29] <Will-k> You kids been participating?
[20:29] <Will-k> I know yesterday i moved a few articles :)
[20:29] <Phinbart> Yes.
[20:29] <Will-k> Nick97: Gonna participate?
[20:29] <AleWi> I write articles sometimes there
[20:30] <Nick97> I feel obliged to make an article for the playing I won in the competition
[20:30] <Nick97> ^playing cards
[20:30] <+Doh5678> Do that
[20:30] <Will-k> Heh
[20:30] <Nick97> :P It's on my list.
[20:31] <+Doh5678> ,
[20:32] <Will-k> This is a quiet meeting
[20:32] <Will-k> *sigh*
[20:32] <Will-k> Next up: A View Counter
[20:32] <Will-k> So, who'd like a view counter for the site?
[20:32] <Phinbart> A good idea!
[20:32] <Will-k> IMO, no, I don't like it
[20:32] <+Doh5678> Why?
[20:33] <Will-k> We have the page with the stats for each month
[20:33] <AleWi> We already has piwiki
[20:33] <+Doh5678> Per page
[20:33] <Will-k> AleWi: *Piwik and yes, my point exactly
[20:33] <AleWi> and a public state each month as will-k said
[20:33] <+Doh5678> http://stats.grok.se/en/201111/Godot Like this
[20:34] <+Doh5678> Anyomn
[20:34] <Will-k> Doh5678: What, are you saying you'd like one like that?
[20:34] <+Doh5678> yes
[20:34] <Phinbart> No.
[20:34] <+Doh5678> apart from godot
[20:35] <Will-k> Doh5678: Keep that link for later
[20:35] <Will-k> Next: The Halloween Skin
[20:35] <+Doh5678> Why Phinbart?
[20:35] <AleWi> The state there is public
[20:35] <AleWi> we don't have that static public
[20:35] <AleWi> *state =static
[20:35] <Will-k> Look, we can have a public vote
[20:35] <Will-k> What'd you guys think of the Halloween skin?
[20:35] <+Doh5678> Meh
[20:35] <Will-k> Unfortunately, I didn't see it with the awesome logo, regards to Smiley.
[20:36] <+Doh5678> Logo?
[20:36] <Will-k> Doh5678: You didn't like it?
[20:36] <@Solar_Dragon> We never had the logo up
[20:36] <@Solar_Dragon> Meh?! >:(
[20:36] <Nick97> It was pretty cool!
[20:36] <+Doh5678> I didn't mind it
[20:36] <Will-k> Solar_Dragon: Hmm? So how come the File:Wiki.png was changed to the Mr. Burns?
[20:36] <@Solar_Dragon> Meh?! >:(
[20:36] <@Solar_Dragon> It didn't work for some reason
[20:36] <Will-k> Ah
[20:36] <Will-k> Well, that's too bad
[20:37] <Will-k> It was an epic logo ;)
[20:37] <+Doh5678> Link?
[20:37] <Will-k> Nick97: Mhmm ;)
[20:37] <Will-k> Doh5678: Hang on a sec
[20:37] <AleWi> Next logo we have is the santa Homer
[20:37] <+Doh5678> Good idea
[20:37] <Will-k> http://simpsonswiki.net/w/images/archive/b/bc/20111101071509%21Wiki.png
[20:38] <Will-k> I reckon we should make an Easter-themed logo :)
[20:38] <Phinbart> How about we have a Bart logo? Marge logo? Lisa logo? Smiley could make different logos for different characters and change them every month.
[20:38] <AleWi> Should we do like Google?
[20:38] <Will-k> Like, Homer with bunny ears or something XD
[20:38] <AleWi> A logo for almost every holiday?
[20:38] <Nick97> I think Moe with bunny ears would be funnier.
[20:38] <+Doh5678> That could be discriminatory
[20:39] <Will-k> I saw a picture of Moe as a bunny somewhere XD
[20:39] <@Solar_Dragon> Mister Honeybunny! :P
[20:39] <Will-k> That'd do good
[20:39] <Will-k> Solar_Dragon: Yes!
[20:39] <Will-k> Solar_Dragon: And I can probably get a good-quality image!
[20:39] <Will-k> Doh5678: True, but we can cater for the various common ones
[20:39] <Phinbart> [20:38] <Phinbart> How about we have a Bart logo? Marge logo? Lisa logo? Smiley could make different logos for different characters and change them every month. - Doh said it was a good idea. Anybody else?
[20:39] <Will-k> Like Christmas, Easter, Halloween
[20:40] <Will-k> Phinbart: Dunno. It seems cool and diverse, but a bit of a hassle
[20:40] <Will-k> I mean, it'd just be a jumble of a page on File:Wiki.png
[20:40] <Phinbart> Every two months?
[20:40] <+Doh5678> What about Ramadan?
[20:40] <Will-k> 3, maybe
[20:41] <Will-k> Hmm. I just thought, when I start my FGW, say they brought out another Star Wars parody, then the logo'd have something Star Wars-y in it
[20:41] <+Doh5678> Or Passover?
[20:41] <Will-k> Doh5678: Never heard of Ramadan
[20:41] <Will-k> Doh5678: We can't cater for every single one
[20:41] <Will-k> Only this and that
[20:41] <Phinbart> Xmas, Easter, New Year?, Halloween, November 5th/July 4th?
[20:41] <+Doh5678> Point
[20:42] <+Doh5678> April fools obviously
[20:42] <Phinbart> Nov 5th/Jul 4th means Fireworks behind Homer or something.
[20:42] <Will-k> Although I believe for Chinese New Year, as well as plain New Year, we should change the background to fireworks
[20:42] <Will-k> Mmm
[20:42] <Nick97> What about every other country's independence day :P
[20:42] <Will-k> No, we can't do that
[20:42] <Phinbart> April Fools. Hmm....
[20:43] <Will-k> Maybe only America, considering the Simpsons
[20:43] <@Solar_Dragon> How about we just change logo every day? :P
[20:43] <Nick97> I know, I'm joking :P
[20:43] <Phinbart> Itchy and Scratchy for April Fools!
[20:43] <Phinbart> ?
[20:43] <AleWi> every minutes?
[20:43] <Will-k> Phinbart: Oh, we're planned for April Fool's ;)
[20:43] <+Doh5678> Solar_Dragon does stuff on April fools
[20:43] <Phinbart> D'oh! It's a Sunday!
[20:43] <+Doh5678> ?
[20:44] <Will-k> Solar, PM
[20:44] <@Solar_Dragon> http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/013/0/d/ralphipediaup_a_ralp_by_simpsons_shoutwiki-d373gfr.png
[20:44] <@Solar_Dragon> ^April Fools :P
[20:45] <Phinbart> Good logo. Replace "Ralphipedia" with "Wikifools"? or just "Wikisimpsons"?
[20:46] <Will-k> Well, I think it's time to move on
[20:46] <Will-k> Next: the new page layouts
[20:46] <Phinbart> No!
[20:46] <Will-k> Here's an example: http://simpsonswiki.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon
[20:46] <Phinbart> Want to continue with logo.
[20:47] <Will-k> Phinbart: NO! RALPHIPEDIA!
[20:47] <Will-k> Phinbart: It's not on the agenda. We'll talk about it after
[20:47] <Will-k> So, the new page layouts: http://simpsonswiki.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon
[20:47] <Will-k> Who here hasn't seen them?
[20:48] <@Solar_Dragon> Me!
[20:48] <+Doh5678> Me
[20:48] <Will-k> @_@
[20:48] <Will-k> Doh5678: Really?
[20:48] <Will-k> Well, what do you think of them, Doh?
[20:48] <+Doh5678> No
[20:48] <AleWi> I haven't notice a new page layous there
[20:48] <Will-k> Nick97, participate.
[20:48] <+Doh5678> They're OK
[20:48] <AleWi> Have not thought about it
[20:48] <Will-k> AleWi: .......that page has a new layout
[20:49] <Will-k> Oh
[20:49] <Will-k> "OK"?!
[20:49] <Will-k> I love them!
[20:49] <AleWi> It's okey
[20:49] <Will-k> http://simpsonswiki.net/wiki/Futurama would be the best example actually
[20:49] <Will-k> Nick97: ANSWEEEEERRRRRRR
[20:50] <Nick97> They look great!
[20:50] <Nick97> Happy?
[20:50] <Nick97> :P
[20:50] <Will-k> XD
[20:50] <Will-k> Yup
[20:50] <Nick97> Good.
[20:50] <Will-k> But really, your input'd be nice
[20:50] <Phinbart> It's a good layout.
[20:50] <Will-k> Mmm
[20:51] <Nick97> I think they work really good for those kinds of pages.
[20:51] <Will-k> Mhmm
[20:51] <Will-k> And I like how we're able to get the screenshots
[20:51] <Will-k> Solar_Dragon: I think I might steal them for FGW ;)
[20:51] <Nick97> Especially the title screen gags
[20:51] <Will-k> Nick97: That's been there for ages
[20:51] <Will-k> Ah yes, just diverting a bit
[20:51] <Nick97> Yeah, I know, just saying.
[20:52] <Will-k> http://simpsonswiki.net/wiki/List_of_title_screen_gags#Season_22
[20:52] <Nick97> No one would suspect... >_>
[20:52] <Will-k> No need to thank me!
[20:52] <Will-k> And http://simpsonswiki.net/wiki/List_of_title_screen_gags#Season_23
[20:52] <Nick97> I have to go, my dad needs the computer.
[20:52] <@Solar_Dragon> We won't then Will-k :P
[20:52] <Will-k> But the latter is smaller
[20:52] <Nick97> Bye everybody :(
[20:52] <Will-k> Ok, good bye!
[20:52] <@Solar_Dragon> Bye Nick97
[20:52] <AleWi> Bye
[20:52] <Will-k> Solar_Dragon: GRRRR
[20:53] == Nick97 [4495f152@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[20:53] <Will-k> So, last but not least, is the fanon inactivity
[20:53] <Will-k> Now is the time to add stuff to the list
[20:53] <Phinbart> Are we done yet?
[20:54] <Will-k> Ok, so, we made the fanon
[20:54] <Will-k> But it's been REALLY inscribe
[20:54] <Will-k> *inactive
[20:54] <Phinbart> I edit.
[20:54] <+Doh5678> True
[20:54] <Will-k> Sorry, autocorrect
[20:54] <Phinbart> I'll hopefully be posting a new fanon ep soon.
[20:55] <Will-k> Phinbart: Last edit was 23rd
[20:55] <Will-k> Not even sure who it was
[20:55] <Will-k> So, guys, either edit it, or it goes.
[20:55] <Will-k> OK?
[20:55] <+Doh5678> If the worst gets to the worst, we'll have to shut it down
[20:55] <Phinbart> :O
[20:55] <Will-k> Doh5678: Mhmm
[20:55] <Will-k> So, any last topics?
[20:55] <Will-k> Anything you'd like to discuss?
[20:55] <+Doh5678> Next editor meeting
[20:55] <Will-k> Ah yes
[20:55] <+Doh5678> It's on there
[20:55] <Will-k> Almost forgot
[20:55] <Phinbart> 19th.
[20:55] <AleWi> 19 or 26
[20:56] <Will-k> :D just added it
[20:56] <+Doh5678> AleWi's is probably the best
[20:56] <Will-k> Mmm
[20:56] <Will-k> Depends on how much happens in 2 weeks
[20:56] <Phinbart> So, are we done here?
[20:57] <+Doh5678> Meeting closed?
[20:57] <Will-k> If things happen in 2 weeks, we'll have a meeting
[20:57] <Will-k> If not, three weeks
[20:57] <Will-k> OK, meeting adjourned!
[20:57] <@Solar_Dragon> No, we've all got to rape you now Phinbart
[20:57] <Phinbart> Smell ya later.
[20:57] == Phinbart [1fb9916a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[20:57] <Will-k> Bye!
[20:57] <@Solar_Dragon> XD
[20:57] <+Doh5678> MEETING CLOSED