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Cletus Del Roy Spuckler, also known as Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel, is a stereotypical redneck with a good-natured personality, he is thin and is usually portrayed wearing a pair of jeans. He resides with his family on Rural Route 9 in Springfield.

Growing up, Cletus (born October 15, 1971), developed a loving relationship with his mother, whom he addresses as 'Maw'. He has always been social and hard working. Cletus isn't bothered by other the opinions of him. He isn't ashamed by his marriage to his apparent relative, Brandine Del Roy.

Cletus has several hobbies which include whittling "piney babies" for children, searching for roadkill, digging through garbage, and spending time with everyone in his family except Brandine. He admits his favourite food is fresh skunk and raccoon.

Cletus has seemed to be suffering from some sort of illness caused by drinking mercury out of a thermometer. It badly affected his memory. He whittles what he observes into wood with a penknife. Chief Wiggum was able to track down Bart and Gina after they escaped from jail through Cletus' wood carving of them. Cletus also possesses a form of precognitive vision through whittling. He predicted that Chief Wiggum would be mauled by a bear later in that episode...

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