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The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant owned by Mr. Burns and the main source of power in Springfield.

The plant is notorious for being poorly maintained, largely due to owner Charles Montgomery Burns' miserliness and safety inspector Homer Simpson's incompetence. A surprise inspection found over 342 violations with an estimated $56 million required to bring the plant up to code, money which Burns refused to spend.

Notable safety violations that have been seen include luminous rats in the bowels of the building, pipes and drums leaking radioactive waste, the disposal of waste in a children's playground, plutonium used as a paperweight, cracked cooling towers (fixed in one episode using a piece of chewing gum), skeletons in the basement, dangerously high Geiger counter readings around the perimeter of the plant, flashing red alert signs being ignored by employees, the creation of a mutant subspecies of three-eyed fish and a horrific giant spider. The Emergency Exits are simply painted on. The plant has come close to meltdowns multiple times but has always avoided catastrophe, often due to Homer's luck...

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