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Professor Jonathan "John" I.Q. Neidelbaum Frink, better known as simply Professor Frink and once referred to as Doctor Frink, is Springfield's 40-year-old local scientist and college professor, and is extremely brilliant, though somewhat socially inept. Frink often tries to use his bizarre inventions to aid the town in its crises, but they usually only make things worse.

Frink is Springfield's local mad scientist. He has a trademark mannerism of using Tourette syndrome-like gibberish when excited, such as "GLAVIN!" and shouting other words that have no relevance to the situation at hand. He also occasionally refers to the importance of remembering to "carry the one" in various mathematical calculations. He is almost never seen without his glasses and has only taken them off once.

Frink has an IQ of 197; 199 before he sustained a concussion during the collapse of Springfield's brief intellectual junta. He is a member of the Springfield Mensa and a college professor at Springfield Heights Institute of Technology. Frink is fond of flubber, a material with enhanced bounce properties which his basketball shoes are made out of...

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