Dayton Arms

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Dayton Arms
Dayton Arms.png
Location Information
Town: Dayton
Use: Hotel
First appearance: "Catch 'Em If You Can"

The Dayton Arms is a three-diamond hotel where Marge and Homer were supposed to be staying while in Dayton, Ohio.


The remains of the hotel

Unbeknownst to Bart, Lisa and Grampa, Marge and Homer had changed their minds at the last minute and gone to Miami instead of Dayton. The three of them were shocked, therefore, when they watched the news and saw a tornado rip through Dayton and destroy the Dayton Arms. Lisa exclaimed "We're orphans!" and Grampa followed suit, exclaiming "I'm a legal guardian!"

They were even more shocked when immediately after the news broadcast, Marge called. Not knowing about the tornado in Dayton and wanting to conceal her and Homer's whereabouts, Marge said she and Homer were in the hotel in Dayton and everything (including the weather) was fine. Marge then quickly hung up as Homer was getting amorous with her. At this, the kids became suspicious and used *69 to call the number that the last call had come from. When the operator from the Swelldorado Hotel answered, they realized that Marge and Homer were actually in Miami.