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Jellyfish Festival

The Stinging Red Jellyfish return to Springfield.

The Jellyfish Festival is an annual event that occurs on "the third Tuesday of May sweeps" that celebrates the return of the Stinging Red Jellyfish.


The festivalEdit

The Jellyfish Cotillion.

In the morning, Springfield residents gather at the beach to watch the jellyfish return. At night, a Jellyfish Cotillion is held, which includes dinner and dancing to the song "Jellyfish". It appears to be a very romantic event.


According to Dr. Hibbert, people were originally excited by the return of the jellyfish because "in the old days, people thought jellyfish venom had curative properties. Now we know it just makes things a whole lot worse."

Behind the LaughterEdit

  • The festival is based on the Fiesta de las Golondrinas in San Juan Capistrano, California, which celebrates the return of the Cliff Swallow, which generally arrives every year on March 19.
  • In the DVD commentary for "A Star Is Born Again", writer Brian Kelley states that, "I grew up in Connecticut and this would happen every summer where we'd be at the beach and it would be great and then one day you'd go down there and it would just be swarmed with red jellyfish."