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Abraham Simpson I

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Abraham Simpson
Abraham Simpson I.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Blond
Relatives: Father: Virgil Simpson
Mother: Mabel Simpson
Great Grandson: Abraham Simpson
Grandson: Orville Simpson
Great Great Grandson: Homer Simpson
Great Great Great Grandchildren: Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson
Son: 'Old-Tut' Simpson
First Appearance: "The Color Yellow"

Abraham Simpson is the son of Mabel Simpson and Virgil Simpson. Abraham was himself almost definitely named after Abraham Lincoln who directly helped Virgil and Mabel escape from pursuing slaveholders. Abraham is also the great grandfather of Abraham "Grampa" Simpson and presumably his namesake.


When Mabel and Virgil got married, they had a son and named him after the president at the time, Abraham Lincoln. He is only seen in brief moment wearing Lincoln's hat he gave to them. He strongly resembles Bart Simpson, but with ruffled hair.


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