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Welcome to Wikisimpsons, the wiki about The Simpsons that anyone can edit.

On this wiki, started on September 24, 2005, we are currently working on 31,557 articles.

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Blockoland is a large theme park located near Springfield.

In a documentary by Declan Desmond showing the pasts of several Springfield citizens, a 13-year-old Snake is called "Detention Bird" by a 16-year-old Clancy Wiggum.

Blockoland's raison d'etre is Blocko building blocks, and the park is made almost entirely out of the blocks. Blockoland is divided into three sections: Rectangle Land, Cube Country, and Squaresville.
In addition to the features made of Blocko blocks, Blockoland's attractions include souvenir stands, a game room, and a cafeteria where the food is served in cube-shaped pieces that resemble tiny Blocko blocks and customers are encouraged to build their own meals.

The park's cast members wear costumes made of giant Blocko blocks and are prone to getting stuck together if they bump into each other at the right angle to make the blocks connect. When that happens, a third park employee comes to the rescue and uses a crowbar to pry apart the stuck-together cast members.

Every evening at closing time, the park attractions made of Blocko blocks are disassembled for overnight storage.

Homer saw a television advertisement for Blockoland and became enthralled with the park. He was determined to take the family there, in spite of Bart's and Lisa's indifference to the idea. Maggie, by contrast, was so eager to go that she strapped herself into her car seat, hopped in her seat to the car, got in and started the car.

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"Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore" is the twelfth episode of the season 15. It originally aired on February 15, 2004. It was written by Julie Chambers and David Chambers and directed by Matthew Nastuk.

Bart is heartbroken when Milhouse and his mother move away to Capital City. Desperate to fill Milhouse’s shoes, Bart attempts to find a new best friend with no such luck. That is, until Marge asks him to wash the family car with Lisa, and the two have so much fun they begin to do everything together as best friends would.

Later, Bart decides to pay Milhouse a visit and is shocked to see his once meek best friend has reinvented himself. The new Milhouse sports spiked blond hair, is popular and even gives Bart a wedgie in the halls at school.

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Wonder Bat is the name that Homer gave his custom, homemade "magic bat" that he used while playing for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team.

According to Homer, "It all started last year during a terrible thunderstorm, when I locked myself out of the house. Sheltering myself with a large piece of sheet metal, I ran for cover under the tallest tree I could find!" A bolt of lightning struck the tree, and a branch fell down. "Something told me this was a very special, very magical, piece of wood that I could make a bat out of." So, he put his homemade football on hold and made himself a bat.

When his co-workers are hesitant to play softball, Homer motivated them by saying he had a secret weapon and they decided to sign up. During the team's first game, the Plant falls behind 5-2, with three men on base and Homer up to bat.

Homer then revealed his secret weapon, only to be mocked by his team mates. However, Homer manages to hit a home run, and this starts a winning streak. Eventually, his team mates tried to find their own magic bats, with Carl trying a piano leg and Charlie using a prosthetic leg.

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"I'm in no condition to drive. Wait, I shouldn't listen to myself. I'm drunk!"
Homer Simpson[src]

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A Scottish Alien with a Bagpipe.

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Name: "Peeping Mom"
Date: April 19, 2015
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