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Welcome to Wikisimpsons, the wiki about The Simpsons that anyone can edit.

On this wiki, started on September 24, 2005, we are currently working on 29,721 articles.

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The Screamapillar is an endangered species, one of which took up residence in a koi pond in the Simpson family's backyard. It is large and red and is similar to a caterpillar, and is notorious for its loud piercing scream. The Environmental Protection Agency is one of the main organizations charged with monitoring the species' welfare.

The Screamapillar is easily identified by its constant screaming—it even screams in its sleep. The Screamapillar is the favorite food of everything, is sexually attracted to fire, and needs constant reassurance or it will die. One way to reassure the Screamapillar is to burp it like a baby. Marge discovered that when the Screamapillar is burped, it spews copious amounts of vomit.

The Simpsons were forced to take care of the Screamapillar by the Environmental Protection Agency after it took up residence in their koi pond.

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"Bart Star" is the sixth episode of Season 9 that first aired on November 9, 1997. The episode was written by Donick Cary and directed by Dominic Polcino. Joe Namath, Mike Judge and Roy Firestone guest star.

Springfield's youth join a pee-wee football team. With Ned Flanders at the helm and Nelson at quarterback the team is undefeated until Homer strong arms himself into Ned's job and puts all his faith in under qualified Bart as his quarterback.

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Mr. and Mrs. Erotic American is a book on tape by Paul Harvey.

When Marge and Homer realized that their love life was fading, they went to Books! Books! And Additional Books! to buy a book that would help them improve things. Marge looked in the "Books on Tape" section and found Mr. and Mrs. Erotic American. She told Homer, "This one's a good choice, and not too smutty. It's a book on tape by Paul Harvey, you know, that nice Midwestern man on the radio who's like a pleasant version of Grampa?" Homer's interest was piqued as soon as he saw the title, so they bought the book.

When Homer and Marge got the book home, they started listening to it. Harvey opened by saying, "Hello, Americans, Paul Harvey here. Did you know every good American is at heart an erotic American?" and went on to share ideas for spicing up a marriage. Homer and Marge tried out the romance ideas, but none of them worked out. "Double your pleasure with a bath ... together!" (attributed to Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower) was a washout when they got wedged together in the tub, broke the faucet, and had to call the kids to help get them out. Homer and Marge next went to the Aphrodite Inn, following the advice "a romantic vacation can provide titillation", but when the only room available was the utility room, the idea fizzled in spite of Homer's best efforts to create a romantic fantasy out of the situation.

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"Daddy, can I have this one?"
Rod Flanders

"Hmm. "Get bent"? Well, the only thing that can mean is kneel down and pray!
I'll take the whole box. Get bent, everyone!

Ned Flanders[src]

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Lady Gaga singing her song Monster.
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