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Welcome to Wikisimpsons, the wiki about The Simpsons that anyone can edit.

On this wiki, started on September 24, 2005, we are currently working on 31,292 articles.

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The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League.

Before Mona left the family, Abe was watching the Super Bowl. Joe Willie Namath was playing, and it was his wild, untamed facial hair that revealed a new world of rebellion and changed Mona.

When Bart was on the roof he pretended that he won the Super Bowl. When Homer and Ned competed to snap the wishbone, he first dreamed of a newspaper with the headline "President Homer wins the Super Bowl" before he changed his mind. When Lisa found out that Homer only wanted to spend time with her to successfully gamble, she left him with a final prediction for the Super Bowl - if Washington wins, she loves him, but if Buffalos win, she won't. The game ended with Washington winning.

Homer told his kids that he knew they loved the old Poochie, but that the new one was going to be better than ten Super Bowls, after he discovered the show's bosses wanted to kill the character. When the Simpson family was given a new identity Homer wanted to be John Elway and he started dreaming that he touchdowned in Super Bowl XXX, so the game ended Denver 7, San Francisco 56.

Wally Kogen and Homer were at Moe's Tavern where they saw a promo for the Super Bowl on TV and yearned for tickets. Wally revealed he had a charter bus headed there and if Homer could fill it up, he would get to go to the big game. Homer filled up his list and he, Wally, Bart and a group of Springfield's males were off to the game.

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"Homer's Odyssey" is the third episode of season 1. It originally aired on January 21, 1990. The episode was written by Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky and directed by Wes Archer. This episode was the third to be produced, despite being the first to be written. Otto Mann, Chief Wiggum, Jasper Beardley and Waylon Smithers, Jr. make their first appearances. Blinky makes a brief cameo.

Homer is fired from his job as technical supervisor at the Springfield nuclear plant. Unable to provide for his family, he contemplates ending it all - until he discovers a new life path as a campaigner for safety.

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SpringShield was a security agency in Springfield set up by Homer Simpson.

After Homer caused an electrical blackout in Springfield, all of the citizens began looting businesses. Chief Wiggum was incompetent in restoring order, so Homer decided to take the law into his own hands and set up SpringShield. Although Homer, Lenny, and Carl were the only employees, they had a lot of business due to a television commercial which Marge described as "very effective". They also turned out to be much more efficient at fighting crime than the Springfield Police Department. Because of this, Mayor Quimby fired Chief Wiggum and proclaimed SpringShield to be Springfield's new police force. As a symbol of the transfer of authority, Quimby took the Chief's badge away from Wiggum and gave it to Homer.

SpringShield enjoyed a brief period of success, until Homer busted Fat Tony selling weasels with cotton balls stuck to them as "Toy Poodles". Fat Tony vowed that he and his associates would gun down Homer if he didn't leave Springfield by noon the following day. Homer resolved to stay, and at noon the following day, Fat Tony and his gang showed up at the Simpson home as promised. They were about to shoot Homer when Maggie, surreptitiously, used a rifle to shoot (albeit only injure) all of the gang.

Homer then decided to give the badge to the next person he saw, who, coincidentally, turned out to be Wiggum, marking the end of SpringShield.

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"Hah! Attempted murder? Now honestly, what is that?
Do they give a Nobel prize for attempted chemistry?

Sideshow Bob[src]

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Name: "Walking Big & Tall"
Date: February 8, 2015
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