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A rollback user is a user who has more powers than the average user. Rollbacks can revert a series of edits in one click. Rollbacks are ranked above normal users, but answer to administrators. Rollbacks can also rename images. This is a list:


User Status Since Comment
LetsPlayNintendoITA Active September 29, 2015
Doh5678 Inactive May 4, 2011
Dohayecarumbadoh Inactive June 3, 2010
FatHomer Inactive February 5, 2011
Nick97 Inactive February 20, 2013
Phinbart Inactive August 30, 2011
Randomno Inactive September 17, 2014
Will k Inactive January 30, 2011


User Status Since Comment
Ldude893 Inactive March 29, 2010
Josegiraffio Inactive August 9, 2010