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The featured episode are episode articles that represent the best Wikisimpsons has to offer.

So just what makes a featured episode? Well, we've prepared a list just in case someone should ask that, and it is as follows.


  1. Must have all tabs complete.
  2. Follow the Manual of Style.
  3. Not be tagged with any sort of improvement tags (i.e. more sources, expand, etc).
  4. Have a reasonable amount of red links, preferably none; use common sense.
  5. Appearance tabs must be in gallery form with many images and few/no blank images.
  6. References tab must have a decent amount of cultural references, trivia and continuity.
  7. Credits tab must be complete with all mentioned credits in the correct format.
  8. PrevNext template must be in place on all tabs.
  9. Quotes must have at least 5 different quotes.
  10. Episodes must have a Gag tab, except in a few episodes where there are no gags. If this is the case, the gags tab must be hidden.


How to nominate:Edit

  1. First, nominate an episode you find is worthy of featured status, putting it at the bottom of the list below; see criteria above.
  2. Others will object to the nomination if they disagree that the article is good enough; they will then supply reasons for doing so, and ways to improve the article (errors, style, organization, images, notability, sources).
  3. Supporters adjust the article until the objectors (with reasonable objections) are satisfied.
  4. The article is placed on the featured episode list and added to the front page queue.
  5. At the start of a new month, the article with more supporters (or one of them in case of a draw) will be officially known as a "featured episode".

How to vote:

  1. Before doing anything, be sure to read the article completely, keeping a sharp eye out for mistakes.
  2. Afterwards, compare the article to the criteria listed above, and then either support or object the article's nomination.
    1. If you object, please supply concrete reasons for doing so, and how it can be improved.
  3. As stated above, any objections will be looked upon by the nominator, supporters, and anyone willing to improve the article, and action will be taken to please the objectors.

Also remember to add {{Nominatedep}} at the top of the article you are nominating.

Featured episode nominationsEdit

"Yokel Chords"Edit

Good complete articles. The Solar Dragon 13:01, December 7, 2019 (EST)

Support (1)Edit

  1. Cletus really loves a loaf of children being kind. He has a lot. Brandine will fit the kids in a school bus 15 feet long.

Brett A., Doniphan, MO 15:06 (CDT) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:07, October 13, 2020‎

Neutral (0)Edit

Oppose (0)Edit


"The Old Man and the "C" Student"Edit

Complete episode. The Solar Dragon 14:37, December 31, 2019 (EST)

Support (2)Edit

  1. It's the one that I like the most out of the 3, and it has full complete articles.

D'ohmer (talk) 14:53, October 1, 2020 (EDT)

  1. Grandparents have Youth. It’s going back to the fifties.

Brett A., Doniphan, MO 13:53, October 13, 2020 (CDT) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 14:55, October 13, 2020

Neutral (0)Edit

Oppose (0)Edit


"Simpsons Tall Tales"Edit

Long, good quality pages. The Solar Dragon 12:15, January 3, 2020 (EST)

Support (0)Edit

Neutral (0)Edit

Oppose (0)Edit



The Simpsons/Futurama crossover episode is a huge episode and should be featured now that everything is complete. The Solar Dragon 09:41, October 20, 2020 (EDT)

Support (0)Edit

Neutral (0)Edit

Oppose (0)Edit