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Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Black
Occupation: Superhero
First Appearance: "Beyond Blunderdome"
Voiced by: Adam West
Hank Azaria

Batman is a superhero, created by D.C. Comics.


[edit] History

Bart and Milhouse once watched an episode of Batman guest-starring Krusty. This inspired them to try and recreate a stunt which lead to Milhouse desecrating the United States flag and Seymour Skinner leading a protest, ruining Krusty's career.[1]

When Bart and Milhouse pooh-pooh Lisa's mention of the Donner Party, Lisa tells Martin to ignore them, as "They think that 'The Old West' is an actor who played Batman on TV".[2]

[edit] Trivia

  • Bart once wrote as his chalkboard gag "Batman is nothing without his utility belt".[3]
  • Bart's alter-ego superhero, Bartman is an obvious parody of Batman.
  • Batman actor Adam West hired Mr. Plow and the Plow King[4]
  • Batman is also in the car museum.[5]
  • The show often uses the Batman theme song, because it is owned by FOX, so they can use it for free.

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