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Wikisimpsons main page.png
The main page in Simpsons skin.
Website Information
Launched: September 24, 2005
Founder: Postbagboy
Type of Website: Encyclopedic wiki

Wikisimpsons is an encyclopedic wiki that is centered around the animated television series The Simpsons and founded on September 24, 2005.


[edit] History

[edit] 2005

[edit] Creation

The wiki was created on September 24, 2005 by PostBagBoy on Wikia. He never edited here, apart from one edit on his user page stating how amazed he felt that the wiki he had created had turned out to be successful (in 2007).

[edit] Rights

Later on, Wikia co-founder Angela appointed M Johnson with sysop rights.[1]

[edit] 2006

[edit] Rights

Staff member Sannse granted M Johnson with Bureaucratic rights and Thai420 with Admin rights.[1]

[edit] Criticism

Wikisimpsons received a lot of criticism on its quality. Unregistered contributors regularly claimed that Wikipedia had better articles on The Simpsons.[2]

[edit] 2007

[edit] Rights

Angela changed rights for Basel17 from none to Administrator.[1]

[edit] Criticism

Wikisimpsons received more criticism on its usefulness.

[edit] 2008

[edit] Rights

ToughPigs changed rights of Brian McClure from normal user straight to Bureaucrat. Shortly later, Brian McClure changed rights for Dr. Ralph Wiggum to admin. Later on Brian McClure changed rights for Sgtcook from none to Admin temporarily so he could delete images, Sgtcook later kept the powers and put them to good use. Brian changed Kingcjc's rights to admin.[1]

[edit] Projects

On March 10, Sgtcook founded Project Images to help sort out images on the wiki.[3] On March 16, Kingcjc created Project Locations to help sort out location articles.[4]

[edit] 2009

[edit] Rights

In early February, Brian made Joeyaa an admin.

[edit] Projects

Smiley12 started Project Characters, a project that helped improve character articles on Wikisimpsons.

[edit] 2010

[edit] Milestones

Wikisimpsons passed 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, and 6,000 articles.

[edit] Awards

In January, The Golden Homer Award started as an award for project Characters members,[5] it later became for the whole wiki.

[edit] Rights

Solar Dragon passed requests for Adminship and Sgtcook passed requests for Bureaucratship and adopts the wiki. Smiley12 became a Rollback and then an Admin without having to pass any requests. JaffaCakeLover, Jasonbres and Ldude893 all became Rollbacks. Effluvium and TheHomer become rollback then admin after passing requests. Dohayecarumbadoh passes Rollback Request. Gran2 and Mythigator were both granted Rollback rights without having to pass the request.[1]

[edit] Other websites

Wikisimpsons created its own IRC Channel as well as the YouTube account and Twitter account.

[edit] Projects

Sgtcook created Project Episodes to help with episode articles. Solar Dragon created Project Appearances, Mythigator created Project Self Voicers, Effluvium created Project Grammar and Doh5678 created Project Guest Stars

[edit] Awards

Wikisimpsons enabled achievements. The achievements system encouraged a lot of activity as well as a lot of spam. The Golden Bart Award was created for the achievements system. This was stopped upon the move to ShoutWiki.

[edit] Spotlight

Wikisimpsons prepares to requests a Spotlight. The wiki requests a spotlight and later on the wiki passes the request. The spotlight becomes visible after a long wait. Wikisimpsons later requested a second spotlight with a premade spotlight image this time, created by Smiley12.

[edit] Skin

Wikisimpsons requested a new skin. The skin was implemented and improved by JaffaCakeLover. After the New Wikia Look was implemented Wikisimpsons requested another new skin and wordmark to work with the New Look.

[edit] Article Comments

A suggestion for articles comments to be enabled was brought up but quickly turned down.[6]

[edit] Bot

A bot was created for Wikisimpsons although quickly became inactive due to problems. Manyman used Manybot to help out on Wikisimpsons.

[edit] Birthday

Wikisimpsons celebrated its fifth birthday. Smiley12 designed a new mainpage layout especially for the event.

[edit] Simpsons Font

Smiley12 introduced 'easy to insert Simpsons Font'. Simpsons Font was used for important headers on the mainpage and sometimes sitenotice.

[edit] ShoutWiki

Wikia Staff announced that a new skin was on its way. Admins of Wikisimpsons signed up for beta testing with high expectations. The skin turned out to be a huge disappointment and not fully compatible with Wikisimpsons' article layouts. Admins of Wikisimpsons argued with the staff and Smiley12 and Solar Dragon were blocked as a result. Wikisimpsons eventually moved to ShoutWiki and the old Wikisimpsons became Simpsons Wiki.

[edit] Affiliates

The Infosphere and The Simpsons Forums Site became affiliates with Wikisimpsons. Later, NIWA, Bart - The One and Only and also became affiliates with Wikisimpsons.

[edit] Simpsons Fanon

Simpsons Fanon was created.

[edit] The Springfield Shopper

The Springfield Shopper became the third member of the Simpsons Wiki Network.

[edit] 2011

[edit] Smiley12's leaving

Smiley12 announced that he would leave the wiki on January 1 after decreasing in activity.[7] No one took his place as admin as Wikisimpsons already has enough. He will still make some graphics on request though.

[edit] Platinum and Crystal Homer Awards

The Platinum and Crystal Homer Awards were awarded for 2010. Mr. Blackadder, Josegiraffio, Effluvium and TheHomer all picked up the Crystal awards while Mythigator gained the Platinum award.

[edit] DeviantArt Group

Smiley12 made a DeviantArt Group before leaving Wikisimpsons for good.

[edit] Another departure

Josegiraffio announced that he was leaving the wiki as well, very soon after Smiley12's departure.[8] He was a great user and rollback who won multiple Homer awards in his time here.

[edit] UnSimpsons

Jeff created UnSimpsons Wiki in early January. He later had his powers removed and Solar Dragon and Will k were promoted in his place.

[edit] User rights

In January, Will k, AleWi, and FatHomer became rollbacks. Sgtcook returned to the wiki and had his admin rights returned to him.

[edit] Projects

TheUnderfaker created Project Comics, Doh5678 created Project Crew and Solar Dragon created Project Re-Watch.

[edit] Milestones

Wikisimpsons reached and passed the 7,000 article mark in February.

[edit] Three Returnees

In late February Smiley12, returned after leaving in early January. His user rights were returned as well as the Project Characters leadership. Josegiraffo returned, although on a less active basis. Dohayecarumbadoh also returned after taking a break.

[edit] Simptionary

When he returned, Smiley12 created Simptionary, a Simpsons dictionary.

[edit] Competition

On February 25, Solar Dragon stated that he would be doing a competition for the wiki. This would give prizes to users for improving the wiki. The competition started on 1 March but has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

[edit] Shout Wiki outage

A database problem caused Shout Wiki to be down for over two months. This affected Wikisimpsons, causing it to lose data from 6 March to the first day of the outage.

[edit] Independence

Thanks to Jake, Wikisimpsons moved from ShoutWiki to a new server and got a new domain,

[edit] 2012

[edit] April Fools!

On April Fools' Day (April 1), Wikisimpsons turned into Family Guy Wiki for the occasion. WikiHead Solar Dragon received many questions as to why it was a Family Guy Wiki.

[edit] 2013

[edit] Server move

In late July–early August, Wikisimpsons was moved to a newer server and was re-located at "" as apposed to the previous ".net".

[edit] 25,000 articles

On September 8, Wikisimpsons reached 25,000 articles.

[edit] Halloween 2013

In October, Wikisimpsons' main page became Halloween-themed to celebrate the occasion.

[edit] 2014

[edit] 30,000 articles

In early October, Wikisimpsons reached 30,000 articles.

[edit] Sister wikis

Wikisimpsons has had several sister wikis, with many going inactive:

Sister Wikis Status
Chinese Wikisimpsons Inactive
German Wikisimpsons Inactive
Simpsons Fanon Inactive
Simptionary Inactive
The Springfield Shopper Inactive
Svenska Wikisimpsons Active
UnSimpsons Wiki Inactive
Wikisimpsons Answers Active

[edit] References

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