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Hot Cider in the City is a Simpsons Comics story that appears in The Simpsons Winter Wingding #1.

Bart is sitting on his bed reading a book about ventriloquism when Milhouse and Lisa interrupt him, telling him that they're going Christmas caroling and inviting him to join them. Bart declines on the grounds that he's busy "adding a new trick to [his] pranking repertoire", and remains unmoved when Milhouse says they'll be singing all the classic Christmas songs. Annoyed at Bart's stubbornness, Lisa drily notes that if Bart doesn't come caroling, there will just he more free cookies for her and Milhouse. At the mention of free cookies, Bart perks up, leaps out of his bed and declares himself to be "suddenly full of the Christmas spirit". Lisa cynically observes, "He's full of something all right" as the trio head out.

The scene shifts to the Flanders house, where Bart, Lisa and Milhouse are just finishing up singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" for Ned. Pleased with the rendition, Ned says that since this is their third visit to his house, he'll get them a double helping of cookies. Bart asks if he can have two cinnamon sticks in his apple cider this time, to which Ned says "Can doodly-do!" The trio walk away with cookies and cider, and Bart says he can't wait to see what Flanders has for them next time. Lisa reproachfully reminds him that they're supposed to be "spreading Christmas cheer, not mooching off of Mr. Flanders". Milhouse, however, says that he feels cheerful, which Bart cites as evidence that they are indeed spreading Christmas cheer.

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"Marge! I screwed up!"
"I'm sure it's not that bad, Homie."
"I didn't buy the kids' gifts yet!"
"This is terrible!"
"I know! Their sad little faces staring up at me on Christmas morning. Who can I blame this on?"
"Well, the snow is an act of god."
"God! Why can't you leave Christmas alone?"
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Simpsons Comics #245
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