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Walkoff Homer

Walkoff Homer
Walkoff Homer.png
TV Show Information
Genre: Sports talk
Starring: Homer Simpson
Country of Origin: USA
Channel: MyTube
First Appearance: "The Winter of Our Monetized Content"

Walkoff Homer is a sports talk show hosted by Homer Simpson.


After getting embarrassed by Anger Watkins on his sports talk show Tackling Dummies, Homer made his own show. He started talking about sports when Bart came in and messed with the board behind him, causing it to say "Moose Poo". Homer and Bart then had a fight which became a viral hit.

Later, Homer filmed episode two of his show, which had Anger Watkins on the show. They were talking about whether sports talk shows were a complete waste of time and were going to get to the bottom of that discussion in five hours, which angered Anger Watkins as five hours wasn't enough time for him.