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The Springfield Shopper

The Springfield Shopper
The Springfield Shopper Header.png
Website Information
Launched: January 17, 2015
Founder: Jake
Solar Dragon
Type of Website: News blog

The Springfield Shopper is a news blog run by Wikisimpsons. The name comes from the in-universe newspaper, The Springfield Shopper.


In mid-2014, Solar Dragon came up with the idea for a news blog linked to the wiki, to announce all the latest The Simpsons news. This idea was put on hold for a while before it finally came to be in January 2015. A previous news wiki was founded by Solar Dragon in December 2010 which was also called The Springfield Shopper but was soon merged with the wiki.


The blog is run using WordPress. The staff of the blog are all users of Wikisimpsons and all active staff on Wikisimpsons are able to create blog posts.