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The Best of The Simpsons #65

The Best of The Simpsons #64
The Best of The Simpsons #65
The Best of The Simpsons #66
The Best of The Simpsons #65
The Best of The Simpsons 65.jpg
Comic Information
Publication date: November 2011
Release date: October 13, 2011
Publisher: Bongo Comics Group
Titan Magazines
Comic series: The Best of The Simpsons
Country: United Kingdom
Price: £2.99
Cover artist(s): Bill Morrison
Stories: Homer's Ark!
Blood Curse of the Evil Fairies
Willie: Portrait of a Groundskeeper
Lisa Simpson, Storeroom Raider
Classics Illustrative: Slobberwacky

The Best of The Simpsons #65 is the sixty-fifth issue of The Best of The Simpsons. It was released in the United Kingdom on October 13, 2011.



Homer's Ark!Edit

Main article: Homer's Ark!
"God sends Homer on a mission to build an ark and save humanity! Or has Homer just been drinking way too much Duff beer again...?"

Blood Curse of the Evil FairiesEdit

"Homer's fat body obscures the TV, so Bart has to entertain Maggie by telling her a story... But of course, it's a pretty horrible one about dead fairies and stuff..."

Willie: Portrait of a GroundskeeperEdit

"Groundskeeper Willie has always been a bit scary, but in this story he gets even scarier! Get ready for one of the most bizarre Simpsons stories ever told!"

Lisa Simpson, Storeroom RaiderEdit

"Can you imagine Lisa as a daring adventurer? No? Well, we've imagined it for you!"

Classics Illustrative: SlobberwackyEdit

"What is the strange creature roaming Springfield? Find out in this special 'Classics Illustrative' story."

Other featuresEdit

  • In This Issue
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  • Double-Sided Posters
  • "Trumpet of Doom!"