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Teacher Said Don't Eat the Paste

"Teacher Said Don't Eat the Paste"
Teacher Said Don't Eat the Paste.png
Song Information
Singers: Pamela Hayden
Characters: Milhouse Van Houten
Length: 0:37
Writer(s): Parody lyrics: Peter Gaffney and Steve Viksten
Appearance(s): "Homer Scissorhands"

"Teacher Said Don't Eat the Paste" is a love song sung by Milhouse to Lisa.


Teacher said don't eat the paste,
'tis apt to make you spew.
I ate the paste, and liked the taste,
Passed out and dreamed of you.
Okay. First of all, it's never wise to use the word "spew" in a love song.
Lisa Lisa... Maid so fair.
With crimson dress and pointy hair.
Do you mind if I stop and stare.
Look in your mind and I'm there.

Behind the LaughterEdit

The song is a parody of the English folk song "Greensleeves".