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Location Information
Town: Springfield
Use: Taco store
First appearance: "Bart the Fink"

Tacomat is a taco store in Springfield. It is located in a parking lot across the street from the First Bank of Springfield.



Tacomat is billed as "Taco convenience incarnate" and is a converted parking-lot photography kiosk. It is the world's smallest taco dispensing structure and has 27 employees. The building requires oxygen tanks to be supplied, due to its small size.[1]

Tacomat is very near to Comic Book Guy's apartment and can be seen from his kitchen window. Due to the proximity to Tacomat, Comic Book Guy cites "convenient location near city hot spots" as one of his apartment's best attributes.[2]


The view of Tacomat from Comic Book Guy's apartment.
When Bart inherited $100 from his great-aunt Hortense, he intended to spend the money at Tacomat, as the store had a deal on for 100 tacos for $100. However, Marge insisted he put the money in the bank. Comic Book Guy was later seen emerging from Tacomat with a wheelbarrow full of tacos, which he planned to eat during a marathon of Doctor Who episodes. Bart looked wistfully at Comic Book Guy's tacos, but Marge caught him and made him go into the bank.[3]

Comic Book Guy's chronicle of a typical day in his life included going to Tacomat for lunch. When the sole employee working got frustrated, quit and left the store, Comic Book Guy helped himself to a dozen tacos, four extra-large soft drinks, and an assortment of Kiddie Meal toys. However, the whole day, including the visit to Tacomat, turned out to be a hallucination brought on by CBG's having eaten expired microwave burritos for breakfast.[2]


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When Bart was disguised as Bartman, he was mistaken for a contestant at a superhero costume competition. He ranked 19th, winning a voucher for Tacomat.[4]

The Simpsons: Road RageEdit

A number of Tacomats appear in The Simpsons: Road Rage, specifically in the Entertainment District and Downtown levels. The buildings are fragile, and can easily be knocked over by a vehicle.

Behind the LaughterEdit

The store's name is a reference to and wordplay on Fotomat, a retail photo-finishing chain that was in operation from the mid-1960s to late 1980s and was known for its drive-through kiosks located in parking lots.