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Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant

Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant
Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant.png
Location Information
Town: Shelbyville
Use: Energy Source
Owner: Aristotle Amadopolis
First appearance: "Homer Defined"

The Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant owned by Aristotle Amadopolis and the main source of power in Shelbyville


Homer gave a fumbling "motivational" speech at Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant when an impending meltdown threatens the Shelbyville plant. The crowd marches Homer to the control room, asking him to perform his heroic deeds once again. In front of everyone, Homer repeats his juvenile rhyme and presses a button blindly. By sheer dumb luck, he manages to avert this meltdown as well. He is even more widely derided as a lucky imbecile than he was hailed as a hero, and "to pull a Homer" becomes a widely-used phrase meaning "to succeed despite idiocy".