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Difference between revisions of "Season 31"

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(Jean is clearly misinterpreting the question as asking whether there will be any new episodes coming up, so he answered not till fall (referring to fall 2019, when season 31 started). He didn’t mean an episode taking place in the future.)
Line 203: Line 203:
*A flashforward episode will air during fall.<ref>[https://twitter.com/AlJean/status/1107437794148794368 Al Jean's Twitter - "Flashforward episode"]</ref><ref>[https://twitter.com/AlJean/status/1107437794148794368 Al Jean's Twitter - "Episode set in the future this fall"]</ref>
*One episode written by [[Megan Amram]] this season.<ref>[https://twitter.com/AlJean/status/1127313155309182976 Al Jean's Twitter - "Megan Amram wrote an episode for the season"]</ref>
*One episode written by [[Megan Amram]] this season.<ref>[https://twitter.com/AlJean/status/1127313155309182976 Al Jean's Twitter - "Megan Amram wrote an episode for the season"]</ref>
*[[Zach Woods]] will guest star.<ref>[https://twitter.com/mikepriceinla/status/1152358973720317952 Michael Price's Twitter - "Zach Woods Guest Starrng"]</ref>
*[[Zach Woods]] will guest star.<ref>[https://twitter.com/mikepriceinla/status/1152358973720317952 Michael Price's Twitter - "Zach Woods Guest Starrng"]</ref>

Revision as of 12:57, January 16, 2020

Season 30
Season 31
Season 32

Days of Future Future Simpsons House.png This article is about an upcoming episode.
The article's contents may change as the episode approaches and more information becomes available. Please be cautious when adding information to this article, as rumors and speculation often get confused with fact.
Season 31
Season 31 iTunes logo.png
Season Information
Original run: September 29, 2019 - Spring 2020
Previous season: 30
Next season: 32

Season 31 will be the next season of The Simpsons. It started on September 29, 2019. It was announced on February 6, 2019; alongside with Season 32.[1][2]


Picture # Original title Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code
The Winter of Our Monetized Content promo 3.png 663 - 1 "The Winter of Our Monetized Content" September 29, 2019 Bob Anderson Ryan Koh YABF19
When a video of Bart and Homer fighting goes viral, they begin a journey as social media celebrities. Meanwhile, Lisa battles the school's new industrialized detention system.

Guest starring: John Mulaney as Warburton Parker

Go Big or Go Homer promo 1.png 664 - 2 "Go Big or Go Homer" October 6, 2019 Matthew Faughnan John Frink YABF21
Homer is demoted to supervising interns, among whom is go-getter millennial Mike, a 35-year-old who asks Homer to be his mentor. However, when Homer inspires Mike to start a business of his own, the two find themselves being chased by the mob.

Guest starring: Michael Rapaport as Mike Wegman and Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony

The Fat Blue Line promo 1.png 665 - 3 "The Fat Blue Line" October 13, 2019 Michael Polcino Bill Odenkirk YABF22
During the San Castellanta street festival, much of the town realizes their wallets have been pickpocketed. After the state investigator puts the wrong man in jail, Chief Wiggum sets out to clear his name, catch the real criminal and show he's still up for police work.

Guest starring: Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony, Bob Odenkirk as Mob lawyer and Jason Momoa as Himself

Treehouse of Horror XXX promo 1.png 666 - 4 "Treehouse of Horror XXX" October 20, 2019 Tim Bailey J. Stewart Burns YABF18
1.Opening sequence: a demon Maggie.
2. Danger Things: a mission to rescue Milhouse from another dimension.
3. Heaven Swipes Right: dead-Homer's spirit trying on some new bodies for size.
3. When Hairy Met Slimy: Selma finally finding love in an unlikely place - the alien in the basement.
Gorillas on the Mast promo 1.png 667 - 5 "Gorillas on the Mast" November 3, 2019 Matthew Nastuk Max Cohn YABF20
After a trip to Aquatraz Water Park, Lisa becomes determined to set free Springfield's most vicious animals in captivity. Meanwhile, Homer fulfills a lifelong dream of buying a boat, and quickly realizes boat ownership sucks.

Guest starring: Jane Goodall as Herself

Marge the Lumberjill promo 1.png 668 - 6 "Marge the Lumberjill" November 10, 2019 Rob Oliver Ryan Koh ZABF02
When Marge realizes that everyone views her as boring, she takes up competitive lumber-jacking as a hobby (and has a real gift for it). The circuit of competitive timbersports takes her on a month-long retreat to Portland with her trainer, Paula, whom Homer worries is going to steal her away forever.

Guest starring: Asia Kate Dillon as Paula and Natasha Lyonne as Sophie

Livin' La Pura Vida promo 1.png 669 - 7 "Livin La Pura Vida" November 17, 2019 TBA Brian Kelley ZABF03
The Simpsons join other Springfield families on the Van Houten's annual trip to Costa Rica, which they obviously can't afford. While there, Homer befriends Patty's new girlfriend, Evelyn, and Lisa tracks down the real reason the Van Houtens can go on this trip every year.

Guest starring: Fortune Feimster as Evelyn

Thanksgiving of Horror promo 1.png 670 - 8 "Thanksgiving of Horror" November 24, 2019 Rob Oliver Dan Vebber YABF17
In a special Thanksgiving edition of "Treehouse of Horror," the Simpsons are forced to face various Thanksgiving nightmares.
1. A-Gobble-Ypto: the first Thanksgiving.
2. The Fourth Thursday After Tomorrow: an A.I. mishap.
3. The Last Thanksgiving: a dangerous space mission complicated by a sentient cranberry sauce.

Guest starring: Werner Herzog as Walter Hotenhoffer and Charlie Brooker

Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? promo 1.png 671 - 9 "Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?" December 1, 2019 Chris Clements Tim Long and Miranda Thompson ZABF04
In this Flanders family-focused episode, Todd blames God for the death of his mother and rejects his faith - causing great distress for Ned, who sends him to live with the Simpsons in an attempt to scare him back into God's arms.

Guest starring: Glenn Close as Mona Simpson, and Marcia Wallace as Edna Krabappel (archive recording)

Bobby, It's Cold Outside promo 3.png 672 - 10 "Bobby, It's Cold Outside" December 15, 2019 Steven Dean Moore Jeff Westbrook and John Frink ZABF01
Sideshow Bob gets contracted as this year's mall Santa. Meanwhile, someone is stealing all the Christmas packages off people's front porches.

Guest starring: Scott Bakula as Himself, Steve Ballmer as Himself and Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob

Hail to the Teeth promo 6.png 673 - 11 "Hail to the Teeth" January 5, 2020 Mark Kirkland Elisabeth Kiernan Averick ZABF05
Homer and Marge attend Artie Ziff's wedding and become quite uncomfortable when they realize that his bride-to-be is a clone of Marge. Meanwhile, Lisa grapples with the misogynistic implications of the immediate popularity she receives after getting her new Invisalign braces.

Guest starring: Jon Lovitz as Artie Ziff and Rabbi

SimpsonsFS.pngSimpsonsFC.pngSimpsonsFH.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFD.pngSimpsonsFU.pngSimpsonsFL.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFD.png SimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFP.pngSimpsonsFI.pngSimpsonsFS.pngSimpsonsFO.pngSimpsonsFD.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFS.png
674 - 12 "The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson"[3] February 16, 2020[4] TBA J. Stewart Burns[5] ZABF06[3]
Marge recruits Chrissy Teigen and John Legend for an education-based proposal.

Guest starring: Chrissy Teigen as Herself and John Legend as Himself[6][7][8]

675 - 13 "Frinkcoin"[9] February 23, 2020[10] Steven Dean Moore[11] Rob LaZebnik[9] ZABF07[9]
676 - 14 "Bart the Bad Guy"[12] March 1, 2020[13] TBA Dan Vebber[14] ZABF08[12]
Bart is mistaken as a terminal ill child and is shown part of the unreleased sequel of Vindicator, a popular superhero franchise, he then proceeds to blackmail people to get what he wants using spoilers as threat. When the executives of the movie find out, they'll try and stop him in any way possible from releasing the secret spoilers.[15]

Guest starring: Joseph and Anthony Russo as movie executives, and Kevin Feige as Chinnos.[16][15][17]

SimpsonsFU.pngSimpsonsFN.pngSimpsonsFS.pngSimpsonsFC.pngSimpsonsFH.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFD.pngSimpsonsFU.pngSimpsonsFL.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFD.png SimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFP.pngSimpsonsFI.pngSimpsonsFS.pngSimpsonsFO.pngSimpsonsFD.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFS.png
Other upcoming episodes
??? - ? "Way of the Dog"[18] May 2020[19] TBA Carolyn Omine[18] ZABF16[18]
A canine psychologist called Elaine agrees to help Santa’s Little Helper, who is suffering from depression.[19]

Guest starring: Cate Blanchett as Elaine[19]

Season 31 episodes script covers



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