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Season 30
Season 30 iTunes logo.png
Season Information
Original run: September 30, 2018[1] - Spring 2019
Previous season: 29
Next season: 31

Season 30 is the current season of The Simpsons.[2] It premiered on September 30, 2018.[1]



On November 4th, 2016; a FOX Press Release announced the renewal through Season 30:

"FOX has ordered 29th and 30th seasons of the pop culture phenomenon THE SIMPSONS. “This is yet another record-setting moment for what is truly a landmark series,” said Dana Walden and Gary Newman, Chairmen and CEOs, Fox Television Group. “THE SIMPSONS has meant so much to the network, the studio and everyone at Fox, and its continued cultural impact around the globe is a testament to the combined brilliance of Matt, Jim and Al. Congratulations to everyone who works on this groundbreaking series – from the voice cast and producers to the writers and production team – you comprise one of the greatest collections of creative talent in the history of the medium. And to the millions of SIMPSONS fans around the world, thank you for watching all these years. We're happy to tell you there’s lots more to come."[2][3]"


Picture # Original title Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code
Bart's Not Dead promo 1.png 640 - 1 "Bart's Not Dead" September 30, 2018 Bob Anderson Stephanie Gillis XABF19
Bart takes a dare, and ends up in the hospital. To cover for himself and Homer, he says he went to Heaven and met Jesus. Christian producers offer the Simpsons a movie deal, which Homer takes. But Bart can't deal with the guilt and comes clean to Marge after the movie is finished.

Guest starring: Gal Gadot as Herself, Emily Deschanel as Herself, Dave Attell as Luke, Pete Holmes as Matthew,
Jonathan Groff as Actor playing Bart, Katy Perry as Herself (archive footage), Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer (archive audio), Leonard Nimoy as Himself (archive audio)

Heartbreak Hotel.png 641 - 2 "Heartbreak Hotel" October 7, 2018 Steven Dean Moore Matt Selman and Renee Ridgeley XABF15
Marge and Homer's marriage is tested when they travel to a tropical island to compete for a million dollars on Marge's favorite reality competition show.

Guest starring: George Segal as Nick and Rhys Darby as Tag Tuckerbag

My Way or the Highway to Heaven promo 1.png 642 - 3 "My Way or the Highway to Heaven" October 14, 2018 Rob Oliver Deb Lacusta, Dan Castellaneta and Vince Waldron XABF17
God and St. Peter contemplate what merits a soul getting into heaven, while citizens of Springfield remember their divine encounters.

Guest starring: H. Jon Benjamin as Bob Belcher, Jon Lovitz as man with therapy dog, Dan Mintz as Tina Belcher, Eugene Mirman as Gene Belcher, Tracy Morgan as Himself, John Roberts as Linda Belcher and Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher

Treehouse of Horror XXIX promo 1.png 643 - 4 "Treehouse of Horror XXIX" October 21, 2018 Matt Faughnan Joel H. Cohen XABF16
1. Opening sequence: Homer wins an oyster-eating contest against the mythical Cthulhu.
2. Invasion of the Pod-Y Switchers: Springfield is overrun by plant body-snatchers.
3. Multiplisa-ty: Lisa finally snaps.
4: Geriatric Park: Mr. Burns opens a retirement home with some Jurassic upgrades.
Baby You Can't Drive My Car promo 1.png 644 - 5 "Baby You Can't Drive My Car" November 4, 2018 Timothy Bailey Rob LaZebnik XABF18
A self-driving car company comes to Springfield, poaching all of the power plant employees with their fun work environment.

Guest starring: Tracy Morgan as Tow truck driver

From Russia Without Love promo 1.png 645 - 6 "From Russia Without Love" November 11, 2018 Matthew Nastuk Michael Ferris XABF20
On a mission to play hardcore pranks, Bart, Nelson and Milhouse get Moe a mail-order bride on the Dark Web.

Guest starring: Ksenia Solo as Anastasia Alekova and Jon Lovitz as Hacky and Snitchy the Weasel

Werking Mom promo 1.png 646 - 7 "Werking Mom" November 18, 2018 Michael Polcino Carolyn Omine and Robin Sayers XABF21
Marge wants a job, and stumbles into becoming a plastic food storage container-selling drag queen. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to make the world better in the style of "Amelie".

Guest starring: RuPaul as Queen Chante, Scott Thompson as Grady and Sutan Amrull as Himself

Krusty the Clown promo 1.png 647 - 8 "Krusty the Clown" November 25, 2018 Matthew Faughnan Ryan Koh XABF22
Homer finds his calling as a TV recapper, but his harsh grading causes a brawl with Krusty. After almost killing Homer, Krusty hides out at a real circus, and finds happiness there.

Guest starring: Billy Eichner as Billy and Peter Serafinowicz as Google-Disney CEO

Daddicus Finch promo 1.png 648 - 9 "Daddicus Finch" December 2, 2018 Steven Dean Moore Al Jean YABF01
Lisa and Homer's bond gets stronger when they start spending real quality time together, and Bart feels neglected. So Marge tries to help Homer balance his attention between the kids.

Guest starring: Jon Lovitz as Llewellyn Sinclair] and Rabbi, J. K. Simmons as Dr. Jessup, Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, Mary Badham as Scout Finch, Phillip Alford as Jem Finch and John Megna as Dill Harris

'Tis the 30th Season promo 2.png 649 - 10 "'Tis the 30th Season" December 9, 2018 Lance Kramer Story: Jeff Westbrook
Teleplay: John Frink and Joel H. Cohen
After a failed Black Friday shopping spree, Marge is determined to fix Christmas. However, Homer and the kids surprise Marge with a vacation to a Florida resort.

Guest starring: Jane Lynch as Jeanie

650 - 11 "Mad About the Toy"[4] January 6, 2019[5] TBA Michael Price[6] YABF03[4]
When Marge and Homer leave Grampa to babysit the kids, some little green army men trigger a PTSD episode, sending the family on a journey to Grampa's past to when he was a post-war toy model.[7]

Guest starring: Bryan Bott as photographer/Carl, Lawrence O'Donnell as himself and Bill DeBlasio as himself[8][7]

651 - 12 "The Girl on the Bus"[9] January 13, 2019[5] TBA Joel H. Cohen[9] YABF04[9]
Guest starring: Patti LuPone as Sam's mother[8]
SimpsonsFU.pngSimpsonsFN.pngSimpsonsFS.pngSimpsonsFC.pngSimpsonsFH.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFD.pngSimpsonsFU.pngSimpsonsFL.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFD.png SimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFP.pngSimpsonsFI.pngSimpsonsFS.pngSimpsonsFO.pngSimpsonsFD.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFS.png
??? - ? "The Clown Stays in the Picture"[10] 2019 TBA Matt Selman[10] YABF05[10]
Guest starring: Marc Maron as Himself[8]
??? - ? "I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can"[11] February, 2019[8] TBA Jane Becker[11] YABF06[11]
Guest starring: Ted Sarandos[8][12]
??? - ? "101 Mitigations"[13] 2019 TBA Rob LaZebnik, Brian Kelley and Dan Vebber[13] YABF07[13]
Comic Book Guy sues Homer for joyriding in his car.[14][15]

In the episode, Guillermo del Toro will save Mr. Burns from his troubles with the law, after Burns is called in front of it for one of his crimes against Springfield, having to show some goodness in his bad life.[16][17]

Guest starring: Guillermo del Toro as Himself[18]

??? - ? "I Want You (She's So Heavy)"[19] 2019 TBA Jeff Westbrook[19] YABF08[19]
Guest starring: Wallace Shawn as Wallace[8]
??? - ? "E My Sports"[20] 2019 TBA Rob LaZebnik[20] YABF09[20]
Guest starring: Ken Jeong[21][22]
??? - ? "Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy"[23] 2019 TBA Megan Amram[24] YABF10[23]
??? - ? "Girl's in the Band"[25] 2019 TBA Nancy Cartwright[25] YABF11[25]
??? - ? "I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say D'oh"[26] 2019 TBA Jeff Martin and Jenna Martin[26] YABF12[26]
Guest starring: Jon Lovitz[27]
??? - ? "The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby"[28] 2019 TBA Tom Gamill and Max Pross[28] YABF13[28]
??? - ? "D'oh Canada"[29] 2019 TBA Tim Long and Miranda Thompson[29] YABF14[29]
??? - ? "Woo-hoo Dunnit?"[30] 2019 TBA Brian Kelley[30] YABF15[30]
??? - ? "Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion"[31] 2019 TBA Megan Amram[31] YABF16[31]
??? - ? "The Winter of Our Monetized Content"[32] 2019 TBA Ryan Koh[32] YABF19[32]
??? - ? "Gorillas on the Mast"[33] 2019 TBA Max Cohn[34] YABF19[33]
??? - ? "Go Big or Go Homer"[35] 2019 TBA John Frink[36] YABF21[35]
??? - ? "The Fat Blue Line"[37] 2019 TBA Bill Odenkirk[38] YABF22[37]
Guest starring: Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony and Dawnn Lewis as TBA[39]

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