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Pigeon-Rat - Treehouse of Horror VII.png
Animal Information
Species: Pigeon/Rat
Color: Gray/Brown
Owner: Hugo Simpson
Occupation: Test subject
First Appearance: "Treehouse of Horror VII"

The Pigeon-Rat was an experiment by Hugo Simpson, Bart's evil and formerly conjoined twin brother.


Hugo created the Pigeon-Rat by sewing the back of a pigeon to the back of a rat. The pigeon attempted to fly away through a broken window, but the rat on its back made it too big to fit through the opening, and it fell to the floor. Then the rat tried to run into a mouse hole, but the extra height from the pigeon prevented it from doing so.

Hugo made the Pigeon-Rat to practice his surgical skills, because he planned to sew himself and Bart back together.