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Mrs. McKay

Radioactive Man Icon.png The contents of this article or section are related to the Radioactive Man universe. They are considered fictional in The Simpsons.
Mrs. McKay
Mrs. McKay.png
Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Orange
Relatives: Husband: Windy McKay
Son: Danny McKay
First Appearance: The Little Boy with the Big Dream

Mrs. McKay is the mother of Danny McKay.


When Windy McKay told Radioactive Man that his son, Danny, wouldn't wake up, Radioactive Man took Windy McKay to the McKay house. Radioactive Man inspected Danny and Mrs. McKay said that she and her husband felt guilty about yelling at Danny. Radioactive Man then realized that Danny was in another part of the galaxy, in the uncharted space between a grown-up's world and a child's dream, and flew off to find him. Mrs. McKay then told her husband that he should have gotten a doctor instead of an action hero.

After Danny woke up again, Windy McKay stopped showing up for work. Windy and his wife had taken the same sleeping tablets they gave to Danny and were taking a vacation.