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Town/City Information
Country: Morocco
First appearance: "Treehouse of Horror II"

Marrakech, or Marrakesh, is a city in the African country Morocco.



After Homer fired Mr. Burns he traveled to the town with Waylon Smithers, Jr.. When they arrived, Mr. Burns wanted some opium and Waylon Smithers, Jr. discovers that they sell it everywhere in the market. During the visit Smithers was arrested for possession of opium and received 80 years in prison as a result and Mr. Burns traveled back to Springfield.[1] When The Great Raymondo was on the "World Magic Championship", he meet Ricky Jay who told him that he thought he killed him in Marrakesh. Raymondo explained to him that he actually killed his twin brother, which destroyed several tricks.[2]


Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.

The Simpsons travel to Marrakesh, where they visit a market. Homer buys a mysterious monkey's paw that grants wishes, but with great misfortune.[3]



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