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Manacek is a suave Polish-American freelance insurance investigator.

Manacek was called in after the painting The Poetess was stolen between being sold at Gavelby's Auction House and arriving at Megan Matheson's house. Chief Wiggum wasn't happy since he was being brought in rather than him being allowed to solve the case. Manacek then went to visit Megan Matheson and questioned her about it, finding out that she had insured the painting for double the cost. Manacek then flirted with Megan, telling her he could give her a "better workout".

Manacek then went to visit Mr. Burns, who was also a suspect in the case. Manacek found out that Burns couldn't stand being outbid by a woman, which hit a nerve with Burns. Mr. Burns then told Manacek that Homer took the painting, so Manacek went to visit Homer at the Nuclear Power Plant.

At the Power Plant, Manacek revealed that he knew Homer was obsessed with the painting, which he found out from Lenny. Homer told Manacek that he was obsessed with the painting and he would do anything to have it. Manacek thought there was more to Homer's story and he was going to figure it out. That night, Marge visited Manacek to try and convince Manacek that Homer was innocent. Manacek told Marge that she could convince him over dinner, so Marge brought him to her house to have dinner with the family, which annoyed Manacek...

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"The Mook, The Chef, The Wife and Her Homer" is the first episode of season 18. It originally aired on September 10, 2006. It was written by Bill Odenkirk and directed by Michael Marcantel. Joe Mantegna, Joe Pantoliano, Michael Imperioli and Metallica guest-starred as Fat Tony, Dante Calabresi, Sr., Dante Calabresi, Jr. and themselves, respectively.

After Lisa befriends Fat Tony's son Michael, Fat Tony invites the Simpsons over for dinner as a sign of gratitude. Shockingly, Fat Tony is shot by a rival family moments after Michael admits he would rather be a chef than take over the family business. Fat Tony's main thugs, Dante and Dante Jr., want Michael to be the new kingpin, but when he declines, Homer steps up and leads the family on a major mob spree...

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Chief Knock-A-Homer was an apparatus built by Homer Simpson as a fighting robot to compete in the TV show Robot Rumble and to impress Bart. With Homer essentially acting as a pilot, the robot proved to be very successful on the show, due in part to Homer's using unorthodox tactics such as stealing opponents' weapons.

Homer originally tried to make a real robot to enter into the show, but he was unable to make a working robot. Unknown to anyone else, Homer changed his plan and designed Chief Knock-A-Homer for an operator (himself) to be inside it, pedaling a tricycle and putting his own arms into the robot's arms (essentially making them act as sleeves) to do things like swing the hammer. However, because Homer included a remote control, Bart thought that he was controlling the robot. Homer later confessed to Bart that the remote wasn't doing anything except delivering electrical shocks to Homer's butt, which Homer had set up on purpose to help maintain his competitive edge...

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04-24-2018 US ratings: ‘Simpsons’ back down a smidgen, yet tops Fox’s night
04-24-2018 Season 29 News: A Sneak Peek for “Forgive and Regret” has been released

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"My mom says I'm cool!"
Milhouse Van Houten[src]

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The Jewish Wolverine!!

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Name: "Forgive and Regret"
Date: April 29, 2018
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