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Dr. Tad Winslow is a character in It Never Ends, formerly played by another actor before Moe Szyslak took over the role.

Moe sought the role of Dr. Tad Winslow when he was younger, but was rejected as he was too ugly. Years later, when Moe got plastic surgery to make him handsome, he went to get revenge on Helen Morehouse for rejecting him. When Moe arrived, Morehouse was arguing with Tad Winslow's actor because he wanted a pay rise. After seeing Moe's new face, Morehouse made Moe the new Tad Winslow, firing his original actor.

Moe took to the role and quickly became a hit with the ladies. One day, future plotlines were delivered to Moe and he signed for them. After reading through the plotlines, Moe found out that Tad Winslow was to be killed off. After finding this out, Moe plotted with Homer to reveal all the future plotlines from the show. After this happened, Moe was fired from his role and he and Homer were thrown off the set.

In one episode, Tad Winslow was in bed with Cleo. Tad told Cleo that their relationship could never work because he was a doctor and she was a 5,000 year old mummy who he brought back to life. Cleo then told Tad that she loved him and wanted to burn all the cities on Earth with him. Tad then told Cleo that their relationship was against hospital regulations and Clive Dancer was waiting for him to slip up...

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"Eight Misbehavin'" is the seventh episode of Season 11. It aired on November 21, 1999. The episode was written by Matt Selman and directed by Steven Dean Moore. It guest-starred Butch Patrick, Garry Marshall, Jan Hooks and Frank Welker as himself, Larry Kidkill, Manjula and animals, respectively.

Apu's wife Manjula gives birth to octuplets. Everyone in Springfield soon pitches in to help, until a couple in Shelbyville gives birth to nine, causing everyone to forget about Apu and Manjula.

The Simpson family go to visit Shøp and go furniture shopping. They then go to the food court to eat where Apu and Manjula meet up with them. Marge asks them if they have considered having kids. After giving it some thought, they decide to try for kids. Apu and Manjula then try, and fail, to conceive kids multiple times. Apu then asks Homer for his help with conceiving and Homer sets them up in a roleplaying situation. After this, they take the Pee 'N' See pregnancy test again and find out that Manjula has finally conceived...

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Captain Tenille was the captain of the Springfield Naval Reserve submarine U.S.S. Jebediah during its annual war games.

Captain Tenille was assigned to the U.S.S. Jebediah, the same submarine Homer was assigned to. After giving a very short speech, he asked if anyone had and questions. Homer then asked him if the "poopdeck" is really what he thought it was, which Tenille laughed at, telling Homer that he liked the cut of Homer's jib. Homer then asked him what "jib" meant and Tenille laughed again, then telling the drill instructor to promote Homer.

In the officer's mess on the submarine, Tenille invited Homer to join them. Homer sat at the table and immediately tried to get the peas. When Tenille asked Homer what he wanted in life, Homer said that he wanted peas, which Tenille misheard as "peace". Tenille then told Homer that peace was always just out of reach and asked him what the best way to get peace. Homer, who at this point had managed to pile peas onto his knife, replied "with a knife". Tenille agreed with this, saying the best way to get peace is with a bayonet, not an olive branch. Tenille then told Homer that he was like the son he never had, to which Homer replied that he was like the father he never visited...

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"Um, if anybody finds a grenade without a pin, that's mine."
Iggy Wiggum[src]

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