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Madam Wu is a Chinese adoption center worker.

When the Simpsons and Selma went to China to adopt a child, Madam Wu was the worker assigned to Selma and Homer, who was pretending to be Selma's husband in order to help her adopt a baby. After Selma handed over the money for the baby, Madam Wu told Selma she would get her baby in a few days and in the meantime she could closely observe the intimate details of Homer and Selma's married life, which they both didn't like the sound of. Madam Wu then went with the family as they explored China, being told that Bart and Lisa were Selma's children and that Marge was the nanny.

Madam Wu first took them to a Shaolin Temple where Homer angered the monks, getting attacked by them. She later went with the family to see a Chinese version of Death of a Salesman. Later, she asked Homer what his job was, and Homer replied that he was a Chinese acrobat. Several days passed and Madam Wu told Selma that she would get her baby the next day, which Selma was happy about...

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"Brake My Wife, Please" is the 311th episode of The Simpsons and the twentieth episode of Season 14. It originally aired on May 11, 2003. It was written by Tim Long and directed by Pete Michels. Steve Buscemi, Jackson Browne and Jane Kaczmarek guest-starred as himself, himself and Judge Constance Harm, respectively.

Homer has a car accident and loses his driver's license, which means that Marge now has to do all of the family's driving. Homer comes to enjoy walking instead of driving, but the extra responsibility stresses out Marge. She becomes increasingly accident-prone (starting with running over Homer in the car), and Homer is on the receiving end of all of her accidents. This puts a strain on their relationship, but a visit to a marriage counselor sorts everything out.

During a school field trip to Springfield Aquarium, Principal Skinner spots some unusually large pearls in a giant clam. The "pearls", however, turn out to be Bart mooning everyone. After pulling the prank, Bart tries to get out of the water, but in short order is grabbed by an octopus, punched in the stomach by a sea turtle and pounded on the head by a hammerhead shark. Following the aquatic assault, Bart goes to the hospital to have his injuries treated...

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A Personal Value Quotient, or P.V.Q., is a system made by Professor Frink to measure your worthiness as a human being.

When Mr. Burns was building a doomsday ark, he wanted to fill it with the most valuable people in Springfield. He invited Mensa to figure out who to put on the ark. Professor Frink told Burns and Mensa about his system of the Personal Value Quotient, which doesn't just measure how intelligent you are but also measures your worthiness as a human being. Frink then sold this idea to Burns and Mensa via a song.

The next day, everyone in Springfield is forced into taking the mandatory test. In the test, Jimbo copied off of Groundskeeper Willie. Later on Channel 6 News, Kent Brockman announced all the scores, stating that they were on a scale of 1 to 500. Lisa was happy to find she got a score of 475, until she found out that Ralph had gotten a score of 476. Lisa then obsessed with finding out why Ralph was more worthy as a human being that she was, following him around...

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07-16-2018 Season 30 News: A Special Guest was announced for “My Way or the Highway to Heaven” and “Baby You Can’t Drive My Car”
07-11-2018 Season 30 News: The Plot for “Treehouse of Horror XXIX” was released!
07-11-2018 Tapped Out: Poochie’s Dog Dayz event has started!
06-29-2018 Season 30 News: A new episode title has been revealed!

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"You've got to listen to me. Elementary chaos theory tells us that all robots will eventually turn against their masters and run amok in an orgy of blood and kicking and the biting with the metal teeth and the hurting and shoving."
Prof. Frink[src]

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