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For the real world magazine, see Mad.
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Magazine Information
Genre: Humor
First appearance: "Separate Vocations"

Mad (stylized MAD) is an American humor magazine. The magazine's mascot is Alfred E. Neuman.



Taco.png "How d'you say "taco" in Mexican?"

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Mad is a magazine that has been confiscated by the Springfield Elementary School and placed in a refinement.[1]

During a Party Posse performance on the USS Sea Spanker, a Navy admiral informed Lieutenant Smash that he was shutting down the boy band program because Mad was releasing an issue mocking the Party Posse. Upon hearing this, Smash took control of the Sea Spanker and sailed it towards New York City.

Upon arriving in New York City, Smash set a course for the Mad Magazine Headquarters with the intention of blowing it up. He had Nelson and Ralph load the missile launchers. 'N Sync then showed up and began to teach the Party Posse a song and dance routine to diffuse the situation. However, Smash blew up Mad Magazine Headquarters before they had a chance to finish.[2]

When Bart Simpson was principal of Springfield Elementary School, he was reading MAD to the microphone.[3]


Alfred E. Neuman, the mascot for MAD, has a missing front tooth, however, in Principal Simpson!, he has all front teeth.

Behind the LaughterEdit


MAD is a real humor magazine.