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Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Blonde
Relatives: Father: Obeseus the Wide
Mother: Majora
Brother: Bartigula
Grandfathers: Abus and Gordus Antonius
First Appearance: "I, Carumbus"
Voiced by: Yeardley Smith

Lisandra was the daughter of Obeseus the Wide and Majora.


Lisandra was born sometime after Obeseus and Majora got married. Lisandra was often annoyed at her brother, Bartigula, as she considered him out of control. At a party, Lisandra told Obeseus that Bartigula was making Ptolemaic Book Guy flay himself, but Obeseus ignored it.

When Bartigula had Obeseus thrown in jail for blasphemy after Bartigula declared himself a god, Lisandra freed Obeseus. Obeseus then confronted Bartigula and they fought to the death. When Majora then also killed herself as she had nothing left, Lisandra asked Majora about herself. Majora then told Lisandra that they never really connected.