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Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Blond
Relatives: Mother: Courtney
First Appearance: Playdate with Destiny

Hudson is a baby who Maggie is friends with.


Maggie first met Hudson at Not Responsible for Injuries Park. As a chubby baby was going down a slide towards Maggie, Hudson pulled Maggie out of the way, saving her. Maggie immediately became smitten with Hudson and the two of them spent the day together. They played on different toys in the playground whilst imagining they were in fancy foreign locations. When Maggie and Hudson were playing peek-a-boo with each other, Hudson suddenly disappeared from Maggie, as Hudson's mother took him home. Hudson then said goodbye to Maggie from the car.

That night, Maggie dreamed of Hudson and realized that she liked him. The next day, Maggie got ready to meet Hudson again, choosing which diaper to wear and putting on baby powder. However, Homer took her to the wrong park next door. Maggie tried to get to the other park to see Hudson and sees him, just as Homer grabs her to take her home.

The next day, Homer went to take Maggie to the wrong park again but Maggie forced the car into Not Responsible for Injuries Park, taking the wheel and turning it. Maggie then saw Hudson boarding a train and ran towards him. Hudson rushed to the back of the train and held out Maggie's bow to her. Maggie grabbed hold of the bow but the train was moving too fast and Hudson let go. Maggie put her bow back on and sat down, sad. The train then came back round on the tracks and Hudson, who was then on the front of the train, grabbed Maggie as it went past. Maggie and Hudson lean in, looking like they're going to kiss, but they put a pacifier in each other's mouth instead.[1]

Maggie met up with Hudson again at Sand Tropez. The two of them had fun together until Marge and Courtney, Hudson's mother, went to leave after planning a playdate for Maggie and Hudson. The next day, Maggie went to see Hudson for the playdate. The two of them played together whilst Marge and Courtney spoke. However, their parents disagreed with parenting methods and Marge ended up leaving, taking Maggie with her, to the dismay of Maggie and Hudson.

Eventually, Marge and Courtney decided to act nice for the sake of their babies happiness and Maggie ended up carrying Hudson over the threshold of a playhouse.[2]