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Homer and Marge's Anti-Rap Rap

"Homer and Marge's Anti-Rap Rap"
Homer and Marge's Anti-Rap Rap.png
Song Information
Singers: Dan Castellaneta
Julie Kavner
Characters: Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson
Length: 0:21
Writer(s): Music: Boots Riley
Lyrics: Matt Selman
Appearance(s): "Pranksta Rap"

"Homer and Marge's Anti-Rap Rap" is a rap song performed by Homer and Marge.


You did it on the straight,
Got your dad's permission.
But your mom dropped a bomb,
So I flipped my position.
Don't argue with Marge.
I know what's best.
The only rap in this crib
Keeps sandwiches fresh.
Fresh fr-fr-fresh for Mommy's baby boy.
Baby Boy, baby boy,
Ba-ba-ba-baby boy.